AU Policy Worksheet Instructions (By Worksheet Line Number)

The "Author" is the person primarily responsible for drafting the policy. Go to Provost and Chief Operating Officer Web Page and click on “Approval Form (Policy Worksheet)”and click on the option to save the excel spreadsheet. Author starts filling in first section (green start section).

  1. Author fills in proposed title.
  2. Name of person moving it forward to a Vice President ("VP") (usually Author).
  3. Author checks the box as to whether this is a new policy or revised policy.
  4. Author checks the box as to whether this is an academic policy (these are normally reviewed by the Faculty Senate before they go to the Policy Committee) or an administrative policy. Most policies with Provost and Chief Operating Officer as the Responsible Official will be Academic Policies.
  5. Fill in two or three sentences as to why the policy is being amended or created. An example might be "New York" law requires our policy to be amended with respect to ______."
  6. After "Reviewed by Responsible Official" is the position title of the person who will be the "Responsible Official" ("RO"). Sometimes this might be the Author of the policy. If unsure who should be the RO, check with your VP. The named RO picks up the worksheet at this point if not owning it already. The RO recommends other offices necessary for review at this point in the process.
  7. Initially completed by RO, who puts in the name of the office to which the draft policy is sent for review and the date that the review is completed.
  8. Completed by RO; this is where the policy will be posted, or how distributed.
  9. The VP signs off on this line after reviewing the text and lines 1-8 on the worksheet and sends the paper worksheet along with the draft of the policy to the Policy Coordinating Committee.
  10. Completed by appropriate Vice President.
  11. Provost and Chief Operating Officer notes date received by PCC. "Notes" may reflect status of review within the PCC.
  12. Completed by the PCC at the time the policy is reviewed by the Committee. Line 15 is subject to process in Lines 16 & 17.
  13. see #12
  14. see #12
  15. see #12
  16. If the Policy Committee decides no further review is needed by VP as no substantive change was suggested, line 17 will be filled out by the Chair of the Policy Council. If the policy was sent back to the VP, then the VP reviews the proposed changes and signs off on line 16, and mails the worksheet back to the PCC, with any further changes noted on the policy draft.
  17. see #16
  18. Completed by Policy Coordinating Council to note date policy forwarded to President’s Office.
  19. Completed by President; who will review with President’s Cabinet if deemed necessary.

Note on formatting of amended policies

The amended policy should clearly show what words are being added to the policy and what words are being deleted. This can be done with Microsoft Word “Tools-Track Changes” or by highlighting the additions in bold (or a color) and use strikethroughs to show what words are being deleted. Highlighting all in yellow is not the best choice, as copies have to be printed for the committee members. Please submit the changes all on one document rather than in several documents.