Sponsorship Policy

This policy is designed to establish processes and provide guidance to Alfred University campuses, schools, colleges, departments, academic and administrative units, student organizations, and other University organizations that engage in sponsorship recognition, including designation as a sponsor with regard to specific events, programs, media and communications, or other activities. This policy does not pertain to gifts through University Advancement.

Choice of sponsors

Potential sponsors may be evaluated on a range of criteria, which may include the company's ethic, environmental, and corporate social responsibility, its local, national, and global position, its brand reputation and values, its public perception of such, its historic performance upholding these standards, and its history with the University. The University reserves the right to select or reject sponsors based on their alignment with the University's mission and core values. Final decisions will be made by the Vice President for University Advancement.

Prohibited Sponsors

Sponsorships involving alcohol, controlled substances, tobacco brands, weapons manufacturers, credit cards, gambling and adult entertainment companies are not permitted.


  • Cash and In-kind—Cash or in-kind goods and services are permissible as benefits to be provided to the University by a sponsor.
  • Sponsor Use of University Trademarks, Names, or Logos—In limited circumstances, a sponsor may be granted permission to use University trademarks ("marks"), names, or logos with the understanding that use must be consistent with University policies for usage of such assets. Sponsorship itself does not automatically grant the sponsor the right to use these University assets.
  • Signage—All signage and signage placement must be approved in advance by the VP for University Advancement or designee, in conjunction with Facilities and the appropriate department(s).

Policy management

University-wide sponsorship arrangements managed through the University Advancement office. Schools, colleges, departments, academic and administrative units, and student organizations are encouraged to connect with University Advancement if they wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Created: 1/28/2018
Responsible entity: University Advancement