University Standing Committees 2022-23

(Established by the President)

Information on Alfred University Standing Committees can be found here.

Academic Assessment Council (Deans + chairs of college/school Assessment Committees)

  • COB: Mark Lewis, Theresa Gunn
    CLAS: Bob Stein, Karen Porter
    Libraries: Brian Sullivan, Kevin Adams
    SOAD/PAD: Lauren Lake, Maria Bentley
    SOE: Gabby Gaustad, Alix Clare

Administrative/Technical Specialist Council (elected)

  • M. Badeau ‘24 (Co-Chair), S. Love ’24 (Co-Chair)
    Academic Affairs: M. Freivald ’23, C. Gause ‘24
    Business & Finance: K. Jones ’24 (Secretary), M. Badeau ‘24
    College of Ceramics: C. Brown 23’, D. Gottfried 23’
    Enrollment Management: M. Padlo ‘25, S. Love ‘24
    Student Experience: E. Ordway 23’, TBD ‘24
    University Relations: M. Alsworth ‘25
    Alternates: (AA) vacant, (BF) vacant, (EM) Ren Hillman, (CC) M. Bentley, (SE) vacant, (UR) vacant
  • Jurisdiction: To act as a liaison between administrative staff/technical specialists and other segments of the University and to review University policies and/or recommend new policies or revisions to current policies that may have an impact on the ATS constituency.

Advisory Committee on Campus Security (appointed)

  • S. Richardson (Chair), S. Fields, D. Clarke, M. Koskoff, A. Taylor, More TBA from S. Richardson
    Students: N. Norris, S. Tuffour
  • Jurisdiction: To review current campus security policies and make recommendations for improvement to the President.

Animal Research Facility Committee (appointed)

  • F. Beaudry (Chair); S. Morehouse, S. Shank, Dr. Wende Bush
  • Jurisdiction: To oversee the proper use and care of laboratory animals study and research, under the auspices of the United States Department of Agriculture and the New York State Department of Health.

Argus Funding Committee

  • D. Wallace (Chair)
    A. Wren, G. Pac, R. Reginio


  1. President M. Zupan (Chair)
    • VP E. Martinovich – University Advancement
    • VP A. Dekay - Student Experience
    • VP J. Kent – Enrollment Management
    • Provost B.A. Dobie – Academic Affairs
    • T. Raub – Business and Finance
    • Corporate Secretary – M. McAllister
  2. Jurisdiction: Advise President

Deans' Council

  1. Provost B.A. Dobie (Chair)
    • Dean B. Sullivan – Libraries
    • Dean L. Lake – School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division
    • Dean G. Gaustad – Inamori School of Engineering
    • Dean M. Lewis – College of Business
    • Dean J. Cerio – AUNY
    • Dean R. Stein – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  2. Jurisdiction: Established and convened by the Provost. Share information and direct decisions to appropriate areas. Review policies, advises Registrar, seek consultation.

Executive Council

  1. President M. Zupan (Chair)
    • VP E. Martinovich - University Advancement
    • Dean A. Mancuso – AUNY
    • VP J. Kent – Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    • Dean R. Stein – College Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Provost/COO B.A. Dobie
    • Dean L. Lake - School of Art and Design & Performing Arts Division
    • VPSA / Dean G. Gaustad – NYSCC / Inamori School of Engineering
    • VP A. Dekay - Student Experience
    • VP M. Danes - Marketing & Communication and Gov't. Relations
    • Dean M. Lewis – College of Business
    • T. Raub - Business and Finance
    • Corporate Secretary M. McAllister
    • Dean B. Sullivan – AU Libraries
  2. Jurisdiction: Advise President

Faculty Development Committee: 3 yr term

  1. A. Maha (SOE) (Chair)
    • S. Mayberry, B. Johnson, M. Hluchy (CLAS)
    • S. Freyn (COB)
    • K. Riesing (SOAD)
  • Jurisdiction: Encourages study, discussion, and research relative to educational and instructional issues and methods; disseminates information of interest to faculty.

Global Studies Committee

  1. A. Kless (Chair)
    • Sangjoon Lee, L. Weaver, L. Johnson, M. Romanchock, Meredith Field, J. Sluyter-Beltrao, V. Westacott, H. Childers, B. Myers, K. Kautzman, Meghen Jones

Global Perspective Committee

  1. A. Kless (Chair)
    • G. Pac, M. Jones, J. Sluyter-Beltrao, V. Westacott, H. Childers, D. Moncke

Herrick Library Committee (elected)

  • K. Adams (Convener)
    CLAS: A. Kless ’23, M. Szymanski ‘22
    COB: W. Shibuya ’24, J. Morrison ‘23
    SGCS: A. Felber ’23, B. Daly ‘23
    Herrick: K. Adams
    Students: Isabella Jamieson, Will Leuck
    Ex Officio: Dean Sullivan, Director Romanchock, Dean Stein, Dean Lewis, Dean Mancuso
  • Jurisdiction: Shall serve as a channel of formal communication between the library and its user community.

Honors Advisory Committee (appointed)

  • (Faculty members appointed by the Director of the Honors Program)
    J Gray (Chair), S. Byrne, D. DeGraff, A. Eklund, D. Gagne, T. Keenan, L. Meehan, M. Lewis, R. Reginio, K Riesing
    External member: Dr. Andrew Call
    Students: Faith Agnello, Nathaniel Marrero
  • Jurisdiction: To help establish the year's program, plan the budget, and meet with the honors students as tutors and advisers during the first two years of their participation in the program.

Human Subjects Research Committee (elected)

  • D. Gagne, ‘23 (Chair)
    CLAS: E. Westacott ‘24, J. D’Angelo ’24, E. Matson ‘24
    AUNY: M. Dudley ‘24
    External participant: Mark Whitman, ASC
  • Jurisdiction: To act as the resource group to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects used in research investigations. Researchers doing research on humans must have their research approved by this Committee.

Motor Vehicles Appeals Committee (appointed)

  • M. Honeycutt (Chair)
  • Jurisdiction: Primary responsibility is to consider appeals of tickets given out for infractions of the Alfred University Vehicle and Traffic Regulations for Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors.

Radiation Safety Committee (appointed)

  • S. Misture (Chair); M. Hluchy, R. Loucks
  • Jurisdiction: General responsibility of the proper handling of radioactive materials and proper use of other radiation producing devices.

Scholes Library Committee (elected)

  • SoE – K. Wang '24
    SoAD – J. Hansen '24
    Scholes – M. Planansky, '23
    SoAD – L. Sikora '23
    SoE – Y. Wu '23
    Ex officio: Dean Sullivan, Director Romanchock, Dean Gaustad, Dean Lake
  • Jurisdiction: Shall serve as an advisory committee to the Director of Scholes Library on the holdings and policies of the library.

Student Grievance (elected)

  • F. Beaudry/J. McCumiskey - Ombuds
    CLAS: J. Gray ‘23
    COB: D. Maguire ‘24
    SOE: SK Sundaram ‘24
    Five students: Natalie Norris, 4 TBD
  • Jurisdiction: Fielding student complaints re: allegedly improper classroom practices.

Student Senate Council (elected by student body)

  • President: Natalie Reynolds
    Vice President: Samuella Tuffour
    Finance Chair: Eva Gallagher
    Treasurer: Eddie Sawin
    Diversity Chair: Samuel Acosta
    Secretary: Zac Laury

Support Staff Council (elected)

  • L. Habecker ‘23 (Co-Chair), K. Decker ’23 (Co-Chair)
    V. Ewald ‘23, G. Gebhard ’24, B. Burns ’24, C. Henshaw ’24, J. McClain ’23, F. Piatt ’24, Amanda McMahan ’24; T. McDaniels ’24, C. Baker ’24;
    Alternates: D. Snyder, P. Barber, C. Carlin, B. Arno
  • Jurisdiction: To act as a communications link between support staff and other segments of the University and as a group to review and react to certain University policies which would have an impact on them or toward which they could make contributions.

Tuition Exchange Committee (elected by the various constituent groups)

  • J. Gilliland (Chair)
    Faculty: Z. Hamm
    Adm/TS: Sara Love
    Support Staff: D. Snyder - Continuing
  • Jurisdiction: To monitor our participation in the tuition exchange program and make recommendations necessary for change. Also serves as the selection committee.

University Curriculum & Teaching Committee (chairs of college/school C&T Committees plus representatives from Libraries & Student Experience)

  • B. Sullivan (chair), A. Eklund, F. Farley, S. Sundaram, M. Bentley, A. Dekay
    Non-voting: Tammy Jursza-Williams
  • Jurisdiction: To provide coordination and oversight for courses which (a) are part of the general education curriculum for all students; (b) are offered outside of academic units; and (c) to facilitate coordination of college and school level curriculum committee processes.

University Faculty Senate (elected)

  • A Eklund (Pres.) '25, X. Wang (Vice-Pres.) ’24, K. Curtin (Secretary) ’25, S. Dannick (at large) ‘24
    SOAD: A Deutsch ‘23, S. Blood ’24, X. Chen ’24, M. McInnes ‘23
    COB: S. Lee ’24, L. Rodriguez (Alt.) ‘24
    CLAS: J. Sluyter-Beltrao '25, N. Schlegel ’24, A. Eklund (president) '25, E. Westacott ’25, D. Gagne (Alt) ‘25
    SOE: X. Wang (vice president) ’24, S.K. Sundaram ’24, T. Wren (Alt) ‘25
    SGCS: L. O'Connell (Alt.) ’22, K. Curtin (secretary) ‘25
    Performing Arts: D.C. Angier '25, M. Weiss (Alt.) ‘24
    Libraries: L. Lounsberry Meehan ’24, E. Bahr (Alt) ’24,
    Untenured faculty: S. Dannick (member at large) '23, M. Field ‘25
    Non-regular faculty: Vacant
    Ex Officio: M. Zupan and B.A. Dobie
  • Jurisdiction: It is the intended purpose of the Faculty Senate to establish and maintain a working relationship between the administration and the faculty in an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidence, thereby promoting the welfare of the University.
  • The Faculty Senate may review and discuss all matters within its legitimate concern, and it may initiate recommendations, subject to review by the President and the Board of Trustees.

Major College Committees
(Appointed by appropriate academic dean)

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Standing Committees

Advising Committee (elected by CLAS Faculty)

Current CLAS Members

  1. C. Fecteau, Asst Dean / R. Stein, Dean
    G. Lippa ’25
    H. Bedi ’23
    K. Williams ’24
    D. Marsh ‘24
    A. Eklund ‘24
    G. Grigoryan ’25
    • Student Members
      • Student - TBD
        Student - TBD
    • Ex Officio Member
      • TBD (ex officio, Dean of Student Experience rep.)
        M. Doorley (HEOP)

Curriculum & Teaching (Divisional Appointment)

  1. Current CLAS Members
    • CHEM                            A. Eklund ’23 (Chair)
      HSTD                             E. Westacott ’23
      ENVS-GEOL                M. Hluchy ‘24
      EDUC                            T. Nichols ‘23
      HHP                              J. Honeck
      PSYC-COMM              L. Lichtman ‘23
      PHYS                             D. De Graff ’24
      SOCI                              K. Porter ’24
      ENGL                            S. Mayberry ’24
      MODL                          K. Kautzman ‘24
      BIOL                              J. Cardinale ‘23
      MATH                            T. Ferdinands ‘24
      K. Adams (Library)
      • Student Members
        • Student: TBD
          Student: TBD
      • Ex Officio Members
        • R. Stein (ex officio, Dean)
          T. Jursza Williams (ex officio, Registrar)

Faculty Council (elected by CLAS Faculty)

  • A. Lipnicki ‘24 (Chair)
    M. Field ‘24
    E. Matson ‘23
    M. Lowry ‘25
    M. Hluchy ‘24
    D. Wallace ‘24
    • R. Stein (ex officio, Dean)

Promotion and Tenure Committee (elected by CLAS Faculty)

  1. C. Emmons ’23 (Chair)
    K. Kautzman ‘24
    B. Myers ’25
    • Ex Officio Member
      • R. Stein (ex officio, Dean)

Scholastic Standards Committee (appointed by the Dean)

  1. R. Stein (Chair)
    C. Fecteau, Asst Dean
    F. Beaudry ’24
    A. Button ’24
    A. Grove ‘24
    G. McGowan ‘24
    C. Emmons ‘24
    J. Sluyter-Beltrao ‘24
    L. Glover ‘24
    Non-voting Registrar, Student Affairs, HEOP, Academic Services

Other Committees

FYE Steering Committee (FYE Current Teaching Faculty)

  • A. Grove, (Chair)
    A. Eklund
    S. Cote
    M. Ryan
    J. Gray
    J. Domino
    A. Kless
    E. Westacott
    D. DeGraff
    M. Field

FYE Advisory Board

  • A. Grove, (FYE Director)
    C. Fecteau CLAS Assistant Dean
    TBD, Associate Dean for Center for Student Involvement
    B. Sullivan, Dean of Libraries
    Student: TBD

Faculty Development Advisory Committee to the Dean

  • S. Singer
    K. Porter
    J. Cardinale
AU Faculty Senate (elected by CLAS Faculty)
  • Andy Eklund ’25 (President)
    J. Sluyter-Beltrao ‘25
    N. Schlegel ‘24
    M. Field ‘25
    E .Westacott ‘25
    D. Gagne – alternate ‘25

Human Subjects Research Committee (CLAS members)

  • Danielle Gagne, Chair, CLAS (Psychology) ‘23
    John D’Angelo, CLAS (Chemistry) ‘24
    Emrys Westacott, CLAS (Philosophy) ‘24
    Elizabeth Matson, CLAS (Math & Computer Science) ‘24

College of Business

Curriculum Committee

  • J. Ellefson
    F. Farley (Chair 22-23)
    S. Freyn
    T. Gunn
    Y. Keceli
    S. Lee
    D. Maguire
    J. Morrison
    G. Pac
    L. Rodriguez
    W. Shibuya
    M. Solliman
    H. Zaim
    Ex Officio: M. Lewis
    Registrar: T. Jurzsa Williams

Promotion & Tenure, College of Business (elected)

  1. G. Pac
    T. Gunn
    D. Maguire (Chair)
    Ex Officio: M. Lewis

Scholastics Standards (appointed)

  • Dean M. Lewis (Chair), Assistant Dean Tori Cramp, Additional Faculty member D. Maguire
    Non-voting: Registrar, Rep from Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Academic Support Programs

NYS College of Ceramics
Faculty Committees January 2023

NYSCC Faculty Council (elected)

  • S.K. Sundaram - SoE, 2024
    Gerar Edizel - SoAD, 2024
    Alexis Claire - SoE, 2023
    Andrew Deutsch - SoAD, 2023
    Samantha Dannick - SL, 2023

SUNY Faculty Senator and Alternate

  • John Hosford – SL, 2023
    Stephanie McMahon - 2024

NYSCC Research Committee (elected)

  • Johnathan Hopp - SoAD, 2024
    Doris Möncke - SoE, 2024
    Samantha Dannick - SL, 2023
    Tim Keenan - SoE, 2023
    Coral Lambert – SoAD, 2023

NYSCC Library Committee (elected)

  • Kun Wang -SoE, 2024
    James Hansen - SoAD, 2024
    Maria Planansky - SL, 2023
    Linda Sikora - SoAD, 2023
    Yiquan Wu – SoE, 2023

SoAD - School of Art & Design, SoE - School of Engineering, SL - Scholes Library

Inamori School of Engineering

SoE Faculty Council (elected as the AU Senators)

  • S.K. Sundaram, ’23 (Chair), X. Wang’ 24

SoE Promotion & Tenure (elected)

  1. S. Tidrow (Chair) ’23, Y. Wu ’23, S. Lee ’24 S.K. Sundaram ’23
    A&D: L. Sikora

SoE Safety Committee (appointed)

  1. S. Misture, Radiation Safety Officer
    A. Wren, Biosafety Officer
    Ex Officio: G. Gaustad

SoE Scholastic Standards (appointed)

  1. G. Gaustad (Chair); E. Carney, T. Keenan (pub), E. Ghotbi (prv)
    Representatives from: Academic Services, Student Experience, Registrar

SoE Curriculum and Teaching (appointed)

  1. E. Ghotbi, A. Wren, A. Clare, S. Sundaram, Y. Wu
    Ex Officio: G. Gaustad

School of Art and Design/Performing Arts Division

Curriculum, Teaching and assessment (appointed)

  1. S. McMahon ‘25, W. McConnell ‘23, H. Childers ‘23, W. Contino ‘24, C. Lambert ’23, L. Lake ‘23
    Ex Officio: M. Bentley

School of Art and Design Faculty Council (elected)

  1. G. Edizel ‘23, L. Sikora ’23, X. Chen ‘24

Performing Arts Division Faculty Council

  1. M. Weiss, Z. Hamm, J. Ziese

Promotion & Tenure (elected)

  1. M. Jones ‘23, A. Powers ’23, D. Inglett ‘24, A. Wren (SOE), ‘24, M. Weiss ‘24
    Ex Officio: L. Lake

Scholastic Standards (appointed)

  1. L. Lake (Chair), W. Wheeler, X. Chen
    Ex-officio: M. Bentley - Assistant Dean, T. Jursza-Williams - Registrar, L. Shea - Academic Services
    TBD - Student Experience

AU Libraries

Faculty Council, AU Libraries

  1. Lounsberry-Meehan (Chair), E. Bahr, S. Dannick, J. Hosford, K. Adams, M. Planansky

Promotion & Tenure, AU Libraries

  1. K. Riesing ’23, A. Lipnicki ’24, L. Lounsberry-Meehan ‘25
    Ex Officio: B. Sullivan

NOTE:  Standing committee assignments are based on recommendations from college and school faculty councils and consultations with academic deans and others. The appropriate academic dean makes the final decision on assignments.  Exceptions to the foregoing are elective committee assignments as indicated. These committee assignments become effective September 1. This list of major committees does not include ad hoc committees or a number of internal college committees appointed by the appropriate deans.

Student committee members are normally nominated by the Student Government and approved by the appropriate committee chairperson. They are then appointed by the President (University committees) or the appropriate academic dean (College committees). Where such students are not nominated by September 30, the appropriate chairperson nominates the necessary student members.

Especially for the benefit of students, the jurisdiction of each University committee is briefly described. An attempt has been made to give no faculty member more than one major and one minor committee assignment. In the event that appointed committee members are consistently absent or express an intention to be consistently absent the committee chairperson reserves the right immediately to nominate substitute members.

Provost's Office
Updated 9/2022