Amnesty Policy

Policy for medical emergencies involving alcohol or other drugs

The Alfred Amnesty Policy is designed to encourage students to call for assistance in an alcohol or other drug related medical emergency.

This process is not intended to address possible violations of criminal laws or their consequences outside the University.

Alfred University is committed to the health, security, and welfare of all its students. Students are encouraged to look out not only for their own health and welfare, but also for that of other community members. When a student’s health or safety is threatened or appears to be in jeopardy, we hope by-standers would take immediate action to prevent injury, illness or danger.

The Division of Student Experience is concerned that, in a medical emergency involving alcohol or other drugs, students may be reluctant to call for assistance because of the fear that to do so, might result in disciplinary action. To address this concern, we have enacted the following policy for addressing possible disciplinary consequences when medical emergencies result from the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Under the Amnesty Policy, formal disciplinary action for mere possession or use of alcohol or drugs will not be taken against students for whom medical assistance is sought, or against those who seek medical assistance for themselves or for others, provided that the student/group has not violated other University policies that warrant formal disciplinary action. After the residence life or public safety staff has reviewed the incident report, a referral may be made to meet with the Dean of Student Experience. In addition, a student who receives medical assistance must then meet with the Health and Wellness Educator and comply with any recommendations prescribed by such office. Students or student organizations seeking medical assistance for another person during an alcohol or other drug-related emergency will not face formal disciplinary action for the mere possession or use of alcohol or drugs as long as such individuals or representatives from organizations meet with the health and wellness educator and comply with any recommendations prescribed by such office.

Parents of students under the legal drinking age may be notified of the incident and completion of the amnesty program in accordance with the University’s alcohol substance use & abuse policy.

Medical amnesty applies only to alcohol or drug-related medical emergencies, but does not apply to other prohibited conduct such as assault, property damage or distribution of illicit substances. In cases where an individual or organization fails to seek emergency medical assistance when it is clearly indicated, formal student conduct action will be taken against the individual(s) or organization.

The responsibility for determining applicability of this policy rests solely with the office of the Dean of Student Experience.