Conduct Appeals

An accused student or complainant may appeal the final decision of an administrative hearing officer, Peer Review Board, or University Student Conduct Board. All appeals must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct in writing within seven (7) business days of written notification of the hearing results. The imposition of sanctions will remain in effect during the appeal proceedings, unless the Dean of Student Experience determines otherwise.

Please refer to the Appeal Form which is attached to all notice of sanction letters.

An appeal must be based on one or more of the following grounds:

  • A procedural error occurred during the process that had a direct impact on the outcome;
  • Information is available that was unavailable at the time of the hearing, and the new information is relevant to the Student Conduct Body's determination; or
  • The sanction is too sever (appeal from accused student); or the sanction is too lenient (appeal from complainant);

An appeal must set forth concisely the grounds for appeal and contain any relevant supporting material.

A written decision will be rendered by the Dean of Student Experience or Vice President for Student Experience and emailed and/or mailed to the student. The Dean of Student Experience or Vice President for Student Experience may:

  • Uphold original decision and sanctions
  • Uphold original decision and alter sanctions
  • Refer the case for rehearing or review

Once an appeal of a case concluded, no further appeals are allowed except to the extent that one or more parties seek review of rehearing or review proceedings ordered by the appellate officer.

Revised: Nov. 2014