Conduct Introduction

Alfred University's mission statement "aims to provide challenging programs in a student-centered environment in order to prepare well-educated, independent thinkers ready for lives of continuous intellectual and personal growth". To that end, it is necessary to articulate behavioral expectations and community standards in the form of the Student Code of Conduct and General University Policies. These policies exist to serve as a guide for each student and to promote the proper atmosphere necessary for the academic and social life of each student. Alfred University's Student Conduct system is designed to confront individuals with the impact of their actions in a constructive and educational manner that will foster an understanding of the effect their behavior has had on individuals and the community.

The Student Conduct system is also designed to hold students accountable for their behavior, to protect the University community and property, to protect the rights of the members of that community to function in an environment conducive to academic pursuits, and to challenge students' moral and ethical decision-making.