Conduct No-Contact Order or Stay-Away Requests (Keep Away)

Both the complainant and respondent are eligible for keep-away requests and no-contact orders.

The university can issue “Keep-Away Requests” to address concerns regarding harassment, stalking, bullying and other unwanted attention. “Keep-Away Requests” can be issued even if the student is unsure about pursuing disciplinary action. In cases where a disciplinary complaint alleging sexual misconduct has been initiated, an on-campus “No- Contact Order” will be issued, which prohibiting contact between the parties. Violations of a “Stay-Away Request” or a “No-Contact Order” will result in disciplinary action.

  • No Contact Orders are issued when an investigation begins and/or when the Dean of Student Experience believes there is a need for this interim measure
  • Students wishing to enact a Stay Away Request or No Contact Order should contact the Dean of Student Experience office
  • A "Stay-Away Request" or a "No-Contact Order" expires at the end of the semester in which it was issued unless otherwise specified. A request for renewal can be submitted by all students involved

It is important to note that specific details of these accommodations will be based on the individual's situation and concerns.

Amy DeKay
Office of Student Experience
2nd Floor, Powell Campus Center