Foster Lake Usage Request Policy

Any student, employee, individual, family, or community member, not using the facility as part of a sponsored University program or event wishing to use Foster Lake for personal recreation must obtain an access pass prior to entering the property. All University sponsored activities and events must reserve the property prior to use. This facility is not open to the public, student or employees at large. There is a usage fee to use the facility.

Access Pass Holders of Foster Lake, Inc. may request use of Foster Lake property for private functions by notifying the Manager to obtain a reservation. This includes the use of the pavilion and campsites.

Non-University organizations or entities that want access to the Foster Lake property must first obtain written approval from the Manager of Foster Lake, Inc. prior to use.

Usage Request

Any party seeking use of the property must complete and return a “Foster Lake Use Request” Form no less than five business days prior to requested use to the Manager of Foster Lake, Inc. This form may be obtained on the Foster Lake website or by calling the Foster Lake Manager, Alfred University, Phone: 607-871-2154.

Approval of any request is subject to the sole discretion of the Manager, and will take into consideration:

  • whether the event could interfere with events already occurring, including events currently scheduled;
  • the applicants’ and participants’ past compliance with rules, policies and requirements of Alfred University and Foster Lake, Inc., and the likelihood that such rules, policies and requirements will be followed at all times during the event:
    • whether the event can be conducted in a safe manner at all times
    • whether the event could cause damage to the property
    • legal and risk management issues
    • whether the event is consistent with the character of the Lake setting

Appeals of any denial can be directed to Giovina Lloyd, Vice President of Business and Finance at Alfred University. The policies and rules herein may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of Alfred University.

Special Event Usage Rules

  • All Alfred University rules, policies and requirements are in full effect on Foster Lake property with respect to Alfred University students, faculty, staff and employees. Rules posted by Foster Lake, Inc. must also be obeyed at all times.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs will be permitted on the property.
  • Lifeguards are on duty (weather/water quality permitting) from 11 am-7 pm, during the swimming season.
  • Any boating must be pre-approved. A written proposal for boating must contain detailed safety precautions and description of watercraft.
  • All parties must remove all garbage and leave the area as it was found.
  • Any abuse of property or failure to follow rules, policies and/or requirements may result in loss of privilege and/or referral to the University’s student conduct process.
  • If the Foster Lake Manager or authorized representative deems conduct of any user to be in violation with the stated policies or disruptive to other users, the Foster Lake Manager or authorized representative has the authority to ask users to leave the premises immediately.