Guest Policy

Anyone not assigned to a particular room is considered a guest. All guests entering the residence hall after 9:00 p.m. are required to register with a Residence Life staff member. Guests can be registered by having their hosts bring them to the RA office to obtain a guest pass. Guest passes are broken down into two types: Evening and Overnight. An evening pass is for guests visiting the residence hall between the hours of 9:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 9:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Evening guests must return their guest passes to a Residence Life staff member and be checked-out of the residence hall. An overnight pass is for guests visiting the residence halls and planning to stay past 2:00 a.m. Failure to register a guest could result in conduct action taken against the host.

Overnight guests may stay no more than five nights per month; and no more than two nights consecutively, unless permission is given by the Director of Residence Life or with explicit permission given by the host’s roommate. Guests under the age of 18 must  be approved by the Director of Residence Life.

University staff members have the authority to deny any guest, revoke guest privileges, and deny any residential student the privilege of hosting guests.