Intercollegiate Varsity Sports Request Policy

Requesting The Addition of an Intercollegiate Varsity Sport Policy

Any student may submit a request to add an intercollegiate varsity sport using the procedure outlined below.

All requests will be reviewed by the University’s Title IX officer, the athletic director, and the vice president for student experience in light of federal requirements. Any request approved by this group will be forwarded to the vice president for business and finance for funding consideration and a recommendation to the president. The president will make a final decision.

The timing of the implementation of a decision to add a varsity sport will take into account personnel needs, compliance with Title IX, availability of competition, facility requirements, the availability of funding to support a competitive experience, and University-wide programmatic needs.

In order for Alfred University to consider adding a varsity sport as early as the following academic year, the documentation outlined below needs to be submitted to the athletic director by Oct. 15.


Submit a written statement of your request to the athletic director. The request should include a general statement stating the specific men’s, women’s or co-ed sport requested, the rationale for the addition of the sport, and the league/organization (e.g. NCAA, IHSA, USCSA) the student proposes should sponsor the sport. In addition, the student should include as much of the following information as possible, particularly if the requested sport is not an NCAA division III sport:

  • Available competition at the level proposed, reflecting conference, local and regional teams
  • Equipment and facility needs (e.g. practice facilities, competition facility requirements). Please address time requirements for student-athletes.
  • Personnel needs (coaching, etc.)
  • Names and contact information for people or organizations that AU can contact for additional information about the sport

Submit a written statement of your request to the athletic director:

Athletic Director
McLane Center
One Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
AU Saxons