Involuntary Separation Policy

Students With Severe Behavioral Problems

The purpose of this policy is to assist faculty, staff, and University administrators in addressing instances of student behavior which may be inappropriate for the University living and learning environment. The policy provides for the separation of a student from the University, as well as their possible reinstatement.

A student who has been professionally evaluated as having a severe behavioral problems, or who, in the judgment of the Dean of Student Experience or their designee, is unable to participate in or cope with normal University activities (whether or not a threat to the community), or is disruptive of those activities, shall be separated from the University. Circumstances warranting separation may include:

  1. A student who is a danger to others because he/she attempts or threatens or engages in any behavior which could cause bodily harm.
  2. A student who acts or threatens to act in a manner which would interfere with or disrupt the normal activities of others.
  3. A student who refuses or is unable to cooperate with a recommended evaluation or treatment procedure and is thought to be in danger of significant physical or psychological deterioration; or
  4. A student who is thought to need treatment services which are beyond those available at the University, and where there is a danger of further physical or psychological impairment.

Such action will be taken in consultation with appropriate University officials such as the University physician and a counselor from the Wellness Center – Counseling Services. The office of the Dean of Student Experience will coordinate the student's separation with other offices as appropriate.

In some cases, students will be referred for mandatory evaluation by a university health or counseling staff member. Note, however, that an evaluation is not required in order for the Dean of Student Experience to determine that separation is warranted. Students referred for mandatory evaluation in accordance with the above shall be so informed in writing, and the student shall also be given a copy of these procedures.

It shall be the responsibility of the director of the Wellness Center to designate qualified staff professionals to provide an initial evaluation of the student’s condition.

The evaluation of the student must be initiated within one University business day from the date the student received the referral unless an extension is granted by the director of the Wellness Center.

Any student who fails to complete the evaluation process as required is subject to immediate involuntary separation.

If the outcome of the evaluation is not separation, the student will be required to follow the prescribed treatment recommendations of the Wellness Center.

If the professional staff member from the Wellness Center – Counseling Services, or a physician from Wellness Center – Health Services recommends that it is in the best interest of the student or the University community that the student be involuntarily separated from the University, this recommendation must be presented to the Dean of Student Experience or designee.

If the Dean of Student Experience or designee, concludes that the student should be involuntarily separated, the dean shall send the student a letter outlining that he/she is prohibited from reenrollment to the University until certain conditions are met. The student will be informed in writing of reenrollment procedures and conditions. The separation will remain until the student’s readmission is approved. The Dean of Student Experience or designee will be responsible for immediate implementation of the recommendation for separation.

Upon receipt of a recommendation and decision to involuntary separate the student, the student shall be informed by the Dean of Student Experience or designee. When ever possible, the notification shall be given to the student in person and/or sent by mail and campus e-mail. The student will be informed of this recommendation and of his/her right to request a hearing to adjudicate the recommendation. The student shall also be requested to authorize the Dean of Student Experience or designee, and other participants in the administrative hearing to have access to relevant documents and materials as are deemed essential for the hearing process. If the student refuses to grant access to the parties involved, the administrative hearing may proceed, but without the requested information.

If the student desires an administrative hearing, he/she shall give written notice to the Dean of Student Experience within three University business days from the date of receipt of the notification letter. The administrative hearing date should normally be set within seven University business days after the notification date. The normal and standard administrative hearing guidelines would be followed.

Any appeal should be submitted to the office of the Vice president for student experience in writing within seven business days of written notification of the hearing results. The separation will remain in effect during the period of the appeal proceedings.

An appeal must be based on the student's ability to demonstrate that:

  • The hearing was not consistent with the established procedure;
  • Information is available that was unavailable at the time of the hearing, and the new information is relevant to the determination.

An appeal must set forth concisely the grounds for appeal and must include any supporting material.

A written decision will be rendered by the Vice president for student experience and mailed to the student's local address within seven business days of receipt of the appeal. The Vice President may:

  • Uphold original decision and conditions for reenrollment;
  • Uphold original decision and alter conditions for reenrollment; or
  • Refer the case to the original administrative hearing officer for rehearing or review.

The outcome of the appeal is final. Technical departures from these procedures and errors in their application shall not be grounds to withhold action unless, in the judgment of the Vice president for student experience the technical departures or errors were such as to have prevented a fair and just determination of the issues.

Upon receipt of a written request for reenrollment and treatment summary from the treating professional(s), the Dean of Student Experience, or designee, shall review the request. Consideration shall be given to any conditions for reenrollment set forth in the student’s letter of involuntary separation and any other relevant information that the Dean of Student Experience, or designee, deems necessary for a complete review. In conducting the evaluation, the Dean of Student Experience, or designee, may ask the Wellness Center – Counseling Services or Wellness Center – Health Services to assist in the review and comment on the reenrollment request.

The evaluation process shall normally be completed within twenty (20) University business days, after receipt of a completed request. Thereafter, the Dean of Student Experience, or designee, shall make a determination to approve or disapprove the reenrollment request. If the reenrollment application is approved, it shall be within the discretion of the Dean of Student Experience to require an additional letter of recommendation from the student’s professional practitioner immediately preceding reenrollment to confirm that the opinion of the treating professional has not changed since the date of the initial letter of recommendation. If the reenrollment application is disapproved, the Dean of Student Experience shall notify the student in writing.