Motor Vehicle Regulations


The vehicle regulations set forth have been established for the orderly control of vehicles and prevention of accidents on the University campus. Vehicle regulations apply throughout the year. (Complete Traffic Safety Regulations are available from the Public Safety Office)


For the purpose of these regulations, campus boundaries consist of all properties owned or controlled by Alfred University. These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on the University campus. Operating a motor vehicle on University property is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owner and/or operator of the responsibility to assure that his/her vehicle is neither parked nor operated in violation of University regulations, local ordinances, or state laws.

Alfred University assumes no responsibility for a vehicle or its contents. This includes any damage caused by moving, towing or booting.

The operation of motorcycles, in areas other than those designated for all motor vehicles, is prohibited. The operation of snowmobiles, all terrain, or unlicensed vehicles on University property is prohibited.


The enforcement of parking and vehicle regulations will be under the direction of the Office of Public Safety.

Office of Public Safety Purpose and Procedure

Alfred University Office of Public Safety is staffed by four (4) full time professional staff, five (5) part-time professional staff and one office manager. The Office of Public Safety is operational seven days per week with limited hours of closure. It is located in the Physical Plant building and can be reached by calling 607-871-2108. After office hours, the University emergency phone is forwarded to the Allegany County 911 Center located in Belmont, New York. In the event of an after-hours emergency, the 911 Center will dispatch appropriate emergency personnel along with Alfred University personnel to the scene of an emergency. Students are employed by the Office of Public Safety on a part-time basis and assume the position of Public Safety Aides. The Chief of Public Safety is ultimately responsible for managing the daily activities of the student security operation. All Public Safety Aides function as an important part of the University's overall effort to maintain the peace, safety, and security of persons and property at the University. The public safety office function is an effective and important part of the University's overall effort to maintain the peace, safety and security of persons and property at the University.

For more detailed information, refer to the online campus safety annual report. Information regarding registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Alfred Police Department.