NYSCC Building Hours Policy

Updated 12/20/2022

Building Hours (subject to change): Cohen Art Barn, Harder Hall, Binns Merrill Hall & Hall of Glass exterior doors open weekly 6 am-12 am (see holiday hours).

  • All persons should have university ID accessible while in buildings.
  • No person shall share codes, cards, keys or prop doors. Violation will result in disciplinary action and access removed.

Exterior Door Access
Exterior doors should never be propped. If a door is found propped all users should unprop the doors immediately. Those found propping doors will have access removed.

Undergraduate students are expected to leave the building at midnight.

A limited time exemption for additional access may be granted by the dean by using the NYSCC Limited Access Request Form. The limited access cards may only be checked out through the student’s dean’s office or designee. Cards must always remain on the person. Cards must be returned to the office by the schedule return date or a fine ($500) will be incurred and access limited. Undergraduate students found in the building between midnight and 6 am without the card will be asked to leave. If a student is found in the building after hours, continued access will be reviewed by their dean.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students will be provided code access if needed to enter the building between the hours of midnight and 6 am. Code access doors are as follows:

  • School of Art and Design students and personnel: Harder Hall Loading dock
  • School of Engineering students and personnel: Hall of Glass back door

Interior Door Access
Codes/keys/cards to interior rooms as faculty/supervisors deem appropriate by using the Code Access Request Form. All cards must be returned at the end of each semester. Codes will be removed each semester to undergraduate students or graduate students who have graduated. Codes removal will be on the day before the winter holiday break and the day after graduation.

Holiday Hours
Buildings are closed to graduate and undergraduate students during all university holidays and should not be entered. After a holiday, the building will reopen on the next business day at 6 am.

During winter holiday break (Thanksgiving, Winter) no faculty, students and staff should enter the buildings at any time.

Mid-semester breaks the building hours remain regular unless otherwise announced.

Scholes Library
For the protection of valuable library materials and equipment and to insure the safety of library staff and patrons, Scholes Library requires strict adherence to the following closing policy:

The current hours for Scholes Library are posted each semester on the front entrance and in various locations throughout the Library.
  • Notification of closing will be announced over the Library PA System at 30 minutes and 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Additionally, library staff will circulate throughout the building to remind remaining patrons of closing time.
  • All violations will be reported to the Library Director, Dean of Student Experience, Campus Security and the Student Experience Office for appropriate disciplinary action.

Office of Public Safety performs additional after-hours security checks of Scholes Library.