Residents' Rights & Responsibilities

At Alfred University, the residential facilities are provided to ensure that students may have the benefit of living within the academic community. The opportunity for every student to achieve educational, social, cultural and intellectual growth must not be impeded by the actions of any other member of the residential community. Those who live within University housing have certain rights and responsibilities which govern conduct in their assigned room, floor and in the residence halls in general. Each resident must know and understand these rights and responsibilities. Each individual is expected to conduct him/herself in a manner that does not violate the rights of any member of the University community.

In addition, certain rights and responsibilities are unique in the residential community:

  1. All residents have the responsibility to read and understand the Housing & Dining Contract, Student Code of Conduct, and General University Policies.
  2. All residents have the right to live in an area which is clean, properly maintained and free from damage.
  3. Each resident shares equally the responsibility for maintaining the condition of these areas, including taking personal trash or refuse to appropriate locations or recycling stations.
  4. All residents have the opportunity to enjoy increased independent living opportunities as they progress through the residential environment. Those living in Special Interest Housing, Ford Street Apartments and suites are expected to maintain and regularly clean their personal bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms/common areas.
  5. All residents have the right to maintain their living arrangements without interruption by excessive noise from other areas of the community.
  6. All residents have the responsibility to adhere to the laws of New York State and Federal laws concerning alcoholic beverages and other drugs, in addition to the University’s Substance Use & Abuse Policy.
  7. Roommates have equal voice in determining the private activities of the room, and one roommate’s rights must not infringe upon the other roommate(s).
  8. All residents may have guests and visitors in accordance with the Guest Policy, provided that no rights of another resident are infringed upon. All guests, including minor-age guests, must be registered with the residence hall staff. Each resident is responsible for the actions of his/her guest or visitor.
  9. All University students and their guests are obligated to follow the rules and regulations of the University and the residence halls.
  10. Students should report any violation of University policy to a staff member.