Social Environment Policy

University Goals

Alfred University exists to educate persons in the arts, sciences and professions, and to promote the advancement of society through study, artistic expression, experimentation, research and the sharing of diverse and challenging ideas. In order to create and maintain the best conditions for achieving these goals, the University provides and promotes a residential community of learners that is safe, inclusive, welcoming, and devoted principally to these missions.

Fraternal Societies

The University’s goals are not well-served by the formation and continuation of Fraternal Societies among its students. “Fraternal societies” are the local (or local chapters of) Greek letter fraternities and sororities and similar organizations which (1) are comprised of one or more University students or alumni; (2) are exclusively or primarily social in their purpose or activities; and (3) perpetuate themselves by admitting new members or participants on the basis of a socially-based selection by the existing members or participants, rather than upon the right and free choice of any student meeting appropriate criteria. Student organizations with purposes which are primarily educational, religious, honorary, civic, recreational or athletic are not “Fraternal Societies.”

The common practices of Fraternal Societies include “rushing,” “pledging” and “initiating” students, selection and exclusion based on social criteria, and the use of secret social rites and rituals. These practices are contrary to the University’s principles of openness and inclusiveness and its mission to educate and elevate the minds, bodies and spirits of all students. The demeaning, debasing and sometimes dangerous practices of “hazing” engaged in by a significant number of Fraternal Societies have no place at this University.


The University will not recognize nor lend any institutional support or sanction to Fraternal Societies. Therefore, the University also does not permit students to use or attempt to use any property, facilities, communications media, name, trademark or other assets or services of the University to form, promote, benefit, recruit new members for, accept membership in, or conduct any activities of a Fraternal Society.

Further, any person who recruits or attempts to recruit a University student into a Fraternal Society or who pledges or accepts membership in a Fraternal Society violates University policy.

A group does not require any formal organizational structure or membership designation, or any particular history, housing arrangements, insignia, or form of name in order to be a “Fraternal Society” under this policy. The formation of any new Fraternal Society is considered recruitment, in violation of this policy.


Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or termination. In particular, members or participants in Fraternal Societies will be held individually responsible for any violations of this policy they themselves commit.

Promotion Of Student Organizations

The University encourages students to form and seek the recognition and support of the University for new and existing organizations that are fundamentally inclusive in nature and focused primarily on their members’ interests in learning, public service, religious faith, recreational activities or athletic competition.