Solicitation Policy


Alfred University wishes to maintain an environment of academic integrity and personal development. It recognizes the need to protect this environment from uncontrolled solicitations, but acknowledges the need of the campus community to support worthy causes and to have convenient access to a variety of merchandise and services. The following policy provides a means to achieve an acceptable balance of activity.


Solicitation is defined as any verbal or written effort to raise funds through the sale of merchandise/services or through charitable donations as well as to influence opinions or to gain support for an issue or cause.

Solicitation is Strictly Prohibited in Class Rooms and Libraries as is Door-To-Door Solicitation in the Residence Halls.

Solicitation by Recognized University Clubs and Organizations

  • Clubs and organizations must register solicitations intended for the public areas of the residence halls with the director of residence life at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the solicitation. When possible, sample items which are to be distributed should be part of the registration process. In addition, all advertising and publicity within a hall must be approved, in advance, by the director or residence life (see posting and distribution of printed materials). Posters, flyers, etc. may not be placed on walls, windows, doors, or sidewalks; bulletin boards should be utilized for this purpose.
  • Clubs and organizations wishing to use the campus center must register the solicitation with the director of student activities/campus center at least 48 hours in advance of the intended activity. All advertising and publicity within the campus center must be approved and properly located on bulletin boards or in the desk area.
  • Clubs and organizations wishing to use the dining halls for solicitation must obtain approval from the dining hall manager at least 48 hours in advance of the activity. Advertising and publicity within the dining halls must be approved and located according to building policies. For more information on advertising contact the dining hall manager.
  • Clubs and organizations wishing to hold a raffle, bingo, lottery, or similar game of chance must receive permission to do so from the Dean of Student Experience or designee. Prizes of alcohol or other prizes deemed to be inappropriate will be prohibited. Raffles, lotteries, bingo, etc. are subject to local, state, and federal laws.
  • Clubs and organizations must abide by all University policies.

NOTE: Use of certain facilities may result in a rental charge.

Individual Student Solicitation for Profit

Individuals wishing to solicit for profit must obtain approval from the Dean of Student Experience or designee. In cases where the student is receiving financial aid, the student must inform the director of financial aid if approval is granted. Such endeavors are subject to local, state, and federal laws.

Uninvited Solicitation By Off-Campus Groups or Individuals

Off-campus groups or individuals must obtain approval for solicitation, which is not requested by a University official, from the Dean of Student Experience or designee. A letter detailing the solicitation must be received at least one week prior to the desired activity and include the following information:

  • Sponsoring organization
  • Contact person and local telephone number
  • Purpose of the solicitation
  • Preferred date(s) for solicitation
  • Method(s) used to solicit, including advertising and publicity
  • Preferred location(s)
  • Target population(s)
  • Description (samples when possible) of products, programs, and/or written materials to be distributed

Generally, uninvited solicitation by off-campus constituents is discouraged. Activities which enhance the University community educationally or culturally, however, will be given serious consideration. Priority will be given to University recognized clubs and organizations.

Off-campus groups or individuals who receive approval for solicitation must also obtain permission to use facilities. For dining hall use, contact the director of dining services; for use of public areas of the residence halls, contact the office of residence life; for use of the Campus Center, contact the director of student activities; for use of any other area, consult with the Dean of Student Experience. Permission may be denied based upon the availability of space, timing, and/or the nature of the activity.

Profit-making solicitations may be subject to a contractual relationship by which a negotiated percentage of sales will be allocated to Alfred University.

Off-campus groups or individuals must abide by the policies affecting recognized University clubs and organizations.

All persons involved with a solicitation must respect the rights of individuals to refuse the solicitation being made.

Violations of any of the above policy may result in student code of conduct or legal action and/or other sanctions depending upon the solicitor's relationship to the University and the nature of the violation.