ARGUS Submission Instructions for Students

To ensure your ARGUS proposal is the best it can be, review the list of instructions below.

  1. Prepare your proposal according to the proposal guidelines.
  2. Arrange for two letters of recommendation. Faculty should see below for more details. Tell the referees to title the recommendation letter filename with your name, an underscore, and recommendation (ex. Smith_recommendation). Complete recommended submission instructions are also found on this page.
  3. Double-check the contents and format of your proposal against the guidelines.
  4. Send an email to the ARGUS account with your file attached as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF document (pdf preferred). The email subject should be your name and the desired funding period (ex. Smith Spring 2017).
  5. You should receive an automated email indicating that the ARGUS account has received your proposal.
  6. Patiently wait until the deadline passes and the review process runs its course. You will receive notification from Dr. Wallace when final funding decisions have been rendered.

Please contact Dr. Wallace if you have questions. The ARGUS email account is not accessed regularly, so questions sent to that address will not receive prompt responses.

For Faculty Recommenders

  1. Write a recommendation letter (AU letterhead is preferred).
  2. Save the file such that the filename contains the student name (e.g. Smith_recommendation).
  3. Send the recommendation as a Microsoft Word document or Adobe PDF to the ARGUS account with as subject line the student's name, the word recommendation, and the funding period (ex. Smith recommendation Spring 2017).