Papercut Fob Setup

This notice is to advise you how to prepare for the upcoming changes to the way you print on campus. As previously advertised in Alfred Today there are soon to be changes in the way users print campus-wide. In an effort to save money and better use campus resources, Business & Finance in collaboration with ITS will be implementing a new cloud-based method of printing on June 1st, 2021.

The previous method of printing to the Toshiba device in your area will cease to print after May 31st, 2021.  Any reference to printers on “gold” or “morgan” will be removed from your available devices and “AU Print” will be set as your default printer automatically.  Printing to AU Print allows users to pick up their print job on any Toshiba device across campus by using their Alfred University username and password or a FOB that can be obtained at the Procurement Office in Greene Hall.

Users are encouraged to follow the steps below to prepare for the change.

    1. Visit or contact the Procurement Office in Greene Hall at 871-2698 to obtain FOB device
    2. Set up FOB at any Toshiba unit by associating your Alfred University login credentials
      1. Swipe your FOB over the FOB reader

    3. Type in your complete Alfred University email address and password

    4. Logout by choosing the button with the person and key

Now that your FOB is associated with your Alfred University account you can print to AU Print successfully.  To retrieve print jobs from any Toshiba device on campus, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Print to “AU Print”
  2. Swipe your FOB (or enter email address and password) at the printer
  3. Press “Print Release”
  4. Place a checkmark in the print job you’d like to release
  5. Press Print

Press “Print all” if you have multiple jobs you would like to release

If you have print jobs that are no longer needed you can delete them from the Print Release menu also. 

  1. Place a checkmark in the print job you’d like to delete
  2. Press the garbage can image to delete job

  3. When finished logout of the Toshiba before leaving the printer

Users are encouraged to complete this process ahead of the June 1st implementation. If you encounter issues or need technical assistance please contact the ITS Helpdesk or call 871-2222.