Taking courses at another institution while at Alfred University

To be eligible, students must be full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates, carrying at least 12 semester credit hours at AU while cross-registered. The course to be taken must be one that is not available at AU and it must be applicable to some component of the AU degree program. Faculty advisor approval is required.

Students should be aware that the various member schools operate on differing academic calendars. This will impact when you will see the course on your AU academic record. The registration deadlines and all other academic polices of the school offering the course apply.

There is no additional tuition charge for RAC cross-registration, but any lab, materials, or other special fees must be paid. Cross-registered courses count as “credit” only. The grades received do not affect the AU grade point average (GPA).

To participate:

  • Obtain a form from the Student Service Center or download & print
  • Fully complete the RAC cross-registration enrollment form
  • Get the signatures of your Advisor/Dept. Chair and AU’s Registrar
  • Take the completed form to the “visiting” college’s registration office once their semester begins. *Cannot register before then – be sure to check their academic calendar.
  • Maximum of 2 courses per semester

Be sure to check the box on the form to be sure AU will get a copy of your transcript from the visiting college. Please allow 3-5 business days for your transcript to be processed and your academic record here at AU to be updated.

For information contact The Student Service Center in Seidlin Hall.