How to Submit Grade Changes

For Faculty

Learn how to submit grade changes via Banner Web.

If you are working Off-Campus:  
You will need to do a one time download/set up of the university's VPN for security requirements. See our 
VPN Setup Instructions.
You will need to be connected via the VPN for any future updates off-campus.

  1.  Login to Banner Web
  2. Select Faculty Services
  3. Click Faculty & Advisors
  4. Click Grade Change Form

    screenshot in bannerweb showing the grade change form link further down in list of links

    You may be asked to re-enter your AU Login credentials. 
    A new window/tab will open to a separate banner web page.

    The Grade Change Request page will look as such:  screenshot of the grade change request form

  5. Select the term for the grade change. (Term student took the course)
  6. From the Course drop down menu, select the appropriate course. 

    screenshot showing course dropdown options
  7. A Student dropdown menu will appear. Select the student who is getting a change of grade. 

    The rest of the change form request will appear.
  8. Enter the new grade; select a change code; and type in the details noting the reason for the change. 

    screenshot showing you need to give a reason for grade change
  9. Click Submit
  10. You will get a submission notice. Click OK.

    You will also get emails when the request is approved/processed. 

    You can also see all your grade change submissions by clicking on Request History.  

    screenshot showing where request history button is

    Click on your name in the upper right and select close out when you're done.