How to Unregister for SCHD 100 Courses at Alfred University

Follow the steps below to unregister for SCHD 100 courses.

Go to BannerWeb

Enter Secure Area, and Sign in

Click Student Services

Click Registration

Click Add or Drop Classes

Select Term you're registering for

SCHD 100 is a placeholder course that is temporarily put into place so that you will be shown as full time student (12 Credit Hours) for financial aid purposes

When you go to register for classes, register for 1 course, then drop the SCHD 100 course

Proceed to register for the rest of your courses until you have between 12 and 18 credit hours

If you don't finish your registration, be aware to keep you at full time SCHD 100 could be re-added and you will have to drop it again

SCHD 100 will show up for as many credit hours needed to bring you to 12 credit hours

NOTE: SCHD 100 is not a real class. You must drop it and add new classes.