Receiving Your Refund

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EFT (Direct Deposit) is the preferred method of refund for AU. However, if you do not have direct deposit information on file, a paper check will be put in your Powell mailbox or mailed to your off-campus address.

Student Account Refunds...

  • Are available in the form of a "book advance" the Friday before classes begin for any student who has a credit balance over $500 on their student account after their anticipated financial aid has been actualized
  • From the Fall semester can be applied as a credit to your Spring semester bill instead of being refunded to you. If you would like to do this, please email the student accounts office at
  • Are issued weekly beginning after the last day to drop classes for the semester and are available on Friday's
  • Are issued based on actual financial aid, not anticipated financial aid
  • Are not issued if you have a payment plan on your account that is not paid in full
  • Are not issued if your credit balance is below $100 - please stop by the Student Service Center to receive your refund in the form of cash

Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) Refunds

Refunds for our off-campus CITE program students are issued after the third class meeting of your second course each semester. Refund checks will be mailed to your home address (leaving AU on Wednesday afternoon) if there is no direct deposit on file.

Parent Plus Loan Refunds

Parent Plus Loan refunds will be mailed directly to the parent borrower unless otherwise indicated on the Plus loan application. If the parent borrower did not indicate this on the application but would like the Parent Plus Loan refund to go directly to your student, please fill out the Parent Refund Release Form and return it to the Student Service Center at your earliest convenience.

Withdrawal & Leave of Absence Refunds

All refunds for students electing to withdrawal or take a leave of absence are determined based on the date of the withdrawal or leave using established University policies. Additionally, your financial aid may be subject to proration or complete removal which may result in a balance due upon your departure from the University. If you are considering to withdrawal or take a leave, please stop at the Student Service Center and the Financial Aid Office to determine your potential financial situation.