Reserving Classrooms

Need to reserve a classroom? 1. Be sure to check the Room Reservation spreadsheet below for availability. 2. Submit a request.

Things to Note:

  • The Class Schedule takes precedence over any reservations. Because the Class Schedule is subject to change, be aware that you may be asked to reschedule or reserve a different room.
  • If a classroom is not listed on the spreadsheet, it may still be available and not have any classes occurring in it during this semester. Please reach out to see if it is available for reservation:
  • Reservations will typically open May 1st for summer; August 1st for Fall; and the first week back from holiday break in January.
  • Submit your request.

Stay tuned for upcoming spreadsheet
  1. Check the spreadsheet to see if the classroom you would like to reserve is available at that time.
  2. If the classroom is available, complete request form.