The Alfred University Schedule Grid

The Schedule Grid is designed to maximize student access to courses across the University. It was approved by the Faculty in February 1995. Provost approval is required for any exception to the Grid.

Please Note: Alfred University is committed to an extensive program of intercollegiate athletics and a wide range of student activities. In order to facilitate student participation in these programs, it is University policy not to schedule undergraduate courses during the period from 5:20 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. An undergraduate course may be scheduled in that time slot only if an alternate section is available and is accessible to students needing the course.

All approved times are summarized, below. The letter before each listed time corresponds to the label in the Grid chart.

Class time framework table 1
Three 50-minute classes Four 50-minute Classes Two 110-minute Classes
The 820-910 MW & 920-1010 Th A-B 820-910 any 4 days All of these involve the use of either 2 Grid slots or complications with lunch hour. Use sparingly, if at all.
B 820-910 TThF C 920-1010 MTWF AC 820-1010 MW
C 920-1010 MTW, MWF, or TWF D 1020-1110 MTWF B-C 820-1010 TF
D 1020-1110 MTW, MWF, or TWF E-F 1120-1210 any 4 days OF 1020-1210 MW
E 1120-1210 MW & 1020-1110 Th 12N 1220-110 any 4 days D-F 1020-1210 TF
F 1120-1210 TThF I 220 310 MTWF 12N-G 1220-210 MW
12N 1220-110 TThF G-H 120-210 any 4 days 12N-H 1220-210 TF
G 120-210 MW & 220-310 Th I 220 310 MTWF GI 120-310 MW
H 120-210 TThF J-K 320-410 MTWTh H-I 120-310 TF
To 220-310 MTW, MWF, or TWF L-M 440-530 MTWTh JL 320-510 MW
J-K 320-410 MTW, MWF, or TWF K-M 320-510 TTh
L-M 440-530 MTW, MWF, or TWF
Class time framework table 2
4-credit Courses Meeting 3 Days Two 75-minute Classes Two 50-minute classes
The 800-915 MW & 920-1010 Th The 800-915 MW Can be placed in any of the Grid slots used for three 50-min classes. The preferred blocks for these courses are the early morning, mid-day, and late afternoon blocks: A,B,E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M. These consume less classroom space and student schedule time.
B 800-915 TThF (1 for 50 min.) B 800-915 TTh, TF, or ThF
E 1120-1235 MW & 1020-110 Th E 1120-1235 MW
F 1120-1235 TThF (1 for 50 min.) F 1120-1235 TTh, TF, or ThF
12N-G 1220-135 MW & 220-310 Th 12N-G 1220-135 MW
12N-H 1220-135 TThF (1 for 50 min.) 12N-H 1220-135 TTh, TF, or ThF
G 100-215 MW & 220-310 Th G 100-215 MW
H 100-215 TThF (1 for 50 min.) H 100-215 TTh, TF, ThF
J-K 320-435 MTW, MTTh, MWTh, or TWTh (1 for 50 min.) J 320-435 MW
L-M 440-555 MTW, MTTh, MWTh, or TWTh (1 for 50 min.) K 320-435 TTh
L 440-555 MW
M 440-555 TTh
Class time framework table 3
One 50-minute Class One 110-minute Class Classes Meeting for 50-minutes 3 or 4 Days that also have a 2-hour lab
Comply with Grid boundaries and attempt to couple with another required course using the rest of the Grid slot. These classes always use two Grid slots, preventing students from taking two other courses. Such courses should be minimized. Those that must occur should be placed in the less- used time slots; i.e., 820-1010 and 320-510. Such courses fit nicely as follows:
A-B Lecture 820-910 MTWF Lab 820-1010 Th
E-F Lecture 1120-1210 MTWF Lab 1020-1210 Th
G-H Lecture 120-210 MTWF 120-310 Th
Class time framework table 4
Laboratories Art Studios Lunch Hour (12N) Classes
Two Hour Labs should be scheduled
820-1010 M, T, W, Th, or F
120-310 M, T, W, Th, or F
320-510 M, T, W, or Th
All use 2 or more Grid slots, but start/end times should comply with Grid boundaries. Classes that meet over the lunch hour may be scheduled at the times listed throughout this document with the Grid designation " 12N". There are, however, many classes which meet until 12:35 and others which begin at 1:00, making use of this time slot somewhat problematic.
Three Hour Labs should be scheduled
220-510 M, T, W, or Th
This scheduling allows students to take 100-215 or 120-210 classes
The Schedule Grid
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 A B A B B
8:20 A B A B B
9:20 C C C A C
10:20 D D D E D
11:20 E F E F F
12:20 E F E F F
1:00 G H G H H
1:20 G H G H H
2:20 I I I G I
3:20 J K J K Meetings
4:40 L M L M Meetings