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    Finals Week

    Make sure to check out the Final Exam Schedule so you know when your finals are. Don't be afraid to email your professors with any questions regarding your finals.

    Take a look at the University Calendar and Alfred Today so you don't miss out on anything happening around campus and alleviate the stress from Finals Week.

    Before leaving for break, remember to secure all of your valuables in your room and vehicle. Make sure all doors are locked.

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    In the Spring 2019 semester, ITS is implementing upgrades to add additional security and convenience to our email and login system.

    Like all colleges and Universities, Alfred University has encountered a large increase in sophisticated email phishing scams. Starting in January, ITS will begin implementing multifactor factor authentication for all students. This additional security layer will help prevent student accounts from being exploited if they are accidentally tricked into providing usernames and passwords to off-campus scammers. After a brief registration process (and potentially a short mobile phone installation), students may occasionally receive a prompt to verify their email login. These few additional steps will provide a much needed shield against phishing scammers. If you have questions, you can contact the ITS Helpdesk.

    And...Have you ever forgotten your email password? And you couldn't call the ITS Helpdesk to reset your password because it was after business hours? Starting Spring semester, all Alfred University campus community members will have the ability to reset their password without having to contact the ITS Helpdesk. In order to use this procedure, users will need to opt in and provide a phone number or an alternate email address.

    Setup Link:
    Reset Link:

    Posted by: roberts
    Please click on the link below to see details as they relate to the Payroll Specialist position that is open in Human Resources.
    Link: Job Posting

    Posted by: misner
    For this benefits update, included is a PDF regarding information as it relates to the changes to the Non-Statutory and Retiree benefits for 2019.

    Please review the attached PDF for helpful tips for a smooth transition from BCBS to Univera and OptumRx.

    If you still have questions regarding the new insurance, be sure to reach out to Kayleigh Misner, Kim Wyant, or Mark Guinan.
    Link: Benefits Page
    Attachment: Benefits Update

    Posted by: misner
  • Alfred Today

    On Wednesday, December 19, the Science Center water will be shut down from 7:00 am - 9:00 am for repairs.
    Thank you.
    Physical Plant

    Submitted by: Kelly Moore

    On Tuesday, December 18, the Brick water will be shut down starting at 9:00 am till the repair is complete.

    Thank you,
    Physical Plant

    Submitted by: Kelly Moore

    On Monday, December 17 the hot water will be shut down for the day for repairs.

    Thank you,
    Physical Plant

    Submitted by: Kelly Moore

    The pool in the McLane Center will be closed for break, following the 11:30 am - 1:00 pm open swim on Friday, December 14.

    Submitted by: Brian Striker

    Looking for a special gift- A MostArts Festival Season Pass makes the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. Register someone for a One Day Workshop during the Festival- or try your own hand at Flower Arranging, Creative Writing, Clay, Food Carving, or try the Guhzeng- there is something new for everyone on your list. Visit our new website for the latest on our International Solo Artists, Schedule of Events and more.
    The Magic Returns July 7-13

    Submitted by: Lisa Lantz

    On Monday, December 17, Ann's House hot water will be shut down for the day for repairs.

    Thank you,
    Physical Plant

    Submitted by: Kelly Moore

    The PFL benefit rate will increase from 50% to 55% of an employee's average weekly wage, up to the weekly maximum of $746.41, for a maximum of 10 weeks (subject to the 52-week lookback). The weekly maximum benefit rate is based on 55% of the state's average weekly wage of $1,357.11 for 2019.

    The contribution rate for employees will also increase in 2019 from .00126% to .00153% of gross wages. The maximum annual employee PFL contribution for 2019 will be $107.97, up from $85.56 in 2018.

    For example, in 2019, an employee who makes $1,000 a week would receive a benefit of $550 a week (55% of $1,000). Another employee who makes $2,000 a week would receive a benefit of $746.41, because this employee is capped at one-half of New York State's Average Weekly Wage (NYS AWW) of $1,357.11.

    Questions regarding this leave and how you can qualify for this leave, please contact Kayleigh Misner, HR Generalist.

    Attachment: PFL Changes in Chart 2018 vs. 2019

    Submitted by: Kayleigh Misner

    Courses available in Theatre, Music, Dance, Performance Design & Technology
    THEA 200 "Literary London- Page to Stage" B block, includes trip to London
    THEA 240 Acting I
    THEA 212 Page to Stage: Script Analysis
    THEA 242 Performance Lab: Musical Theatre Double Threat
    Opportunities on stage and behind the scenes for the Theatre Production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" contact Becky Prophet for information:
    PDAT 120 Technical Theatre
    PDAT 200 Costuming on the Half Scale
    DANC 120 Fundamentals of Dance
    DANC 200 Special Topics: Gateways to Professional Practices in Dance and Performance
    DANC 224 Contact Improvisation
    DANC 322 Modern Dance II
    DANC 222 Modern Dance I
    DANC 330 Improvisation/Composition II
    Private Lessons available to ALL Students from Beginners to Advanced: Guitar, Piano, Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Voice and the Chinese Guzheng are available for credit as listed in Banner

    MUSC 120 Music Theory
    MUSC 130 Piano I
    MUSC 131 Piano II
    MUSC 133 Music of the Guzheng
    MUSC 211 World Music
    MUSC 215 History of Rock Music
    MUSC 200 Performance Lab: Musical Theatre Double Threat
    MUSC 272 Chamber Singers- Audition information, contact Luanne Crosby:

    These Music Ensembles are Open to Everyone-
    NO Audition necessary *Instruments are available
    MUSC 271 University Chorus
    MUSC 273 Symphonic Band
    MUSC 274 Jazz Ensemble
    MUSC 275 University Symphony Orchestra
    MUSC 279 Chamber Music

    Submitted by: Lisa Lantz

    Alfred University Athletics provides nutrition programs, workout programs, coaching programs, private and group personal training sessions, and boot camps. Preston Personal Training customizes each and every program to fit your individual goals, lifestyle, and schedule! David Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with experience in fat loss, muscle & strength gain, as well as sports performance. If you're serious about your goals, don't wait, schedule your free consultation today! To request more info or set up your free consultation contact David Preston at or email at

    Submitted by: Tony Aquilina

    Below is information regarding athletic facility hours over winter break:

    -see attached sheet for Gibbs Fitness Ctr & Joyce Walton Center hours of operation from 12/17-1/21

    -Joyce Walton Center will be closed for construction from 12/17-1/2

    Attachment: Winter Break Athletic Facility Hours of Operation

    Submitted by: Tony Aquilina

    Due to the holiday break, the last Accounts Payable check run of the year will be on Thursday, December 20. Please have any invoices that require payment before January 4 to the business office by end of day Monday, December 17.

    The next check run will not be until Friday, January 4.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 871.2128.

    Submitted by: Jodi Howe

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