Administrative & Technical Specialist Council


To act as a liaison and provide avenues of communication between administrative/ technical specialist staff and the executive administration and other segments of the University by providing representation for ATS staff in order to foster the mission of the University. ATS Council meets once a month and also may call Special Meetings, all Administrative and Technical Specialist staff are welcome at these meetings. Contact one of your representatives or a Co-chair on the Council for more information.

Administrative & Technical Specialist Council Membership - three-year terms

2023 - 2024

Academic Affairs (2)
Meghanne Freivald 2026
Chris Gause 2024

Business and Finance (2)
Kayleigh Jones 2026 Secretary
Melissa Badeau 2024 (co-chair)

Enrollment Management (2)
Sara Love 2024
Mike Padlo 2026

Caitlin Brown 2026
David Gottfried 2026

Student Experience (2)
Angie Taylor 2026
Eliza Ordway 2026

University Advancement (1)
Maggie Alsworth 2026

AA Kathleen Hillman 2024
BF vacant
EM Ren Hillman 2024
CC Maria Bentley 2024
SA Allsun Ozyesil 2024
UA Jenny McCumiskey 2024