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Student Accounts
Student Loans and Account Questions
What your question is about Ask For Phone Email
Payments on student accounts Amber 607-871-2123
Online payments Amber 607-871-2123
CASHNet Payment plans Kellie 607-871-2123
Student refund issue dates Kellie 607-871-2123
Student refund calculations Kellie 607-871-2123
Student refund direct deposits Kellie 607-871-2123
Collection of past-due student accounts Kellie 607-871-2123
Outside scholarships Amber 607-871-2123
Outside Agency Payments Kellie 607-871-2123
Third-party contracts Brenda 607-871-2123
Paper loan checks from lenders Kellie 607-871-2123
Withdrawal questions-specific financial questions Brenda 607-871-2123
Loan return questions-sending money back to the lender Brenda 607-871-2123
Withdrawal calculations and return of funds Brenda 607-871-2123
Study Abroad billing Kellie 607-871-2123
General tuition billing questions, tuition rates, due dates, etc. Kellie 607-871-2123
1098-T IRS tuition payment forms Brenda 607-871-2123
1098E - IRS student loan interest forms Brenda 607-871-2123
Perkins and Alumni loans ECSI 1-888-549-3274
Student loan administration Brenda 607-871-2123
Business Office
Cashiering, Travel, & Reimbursements Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Travel authorization and advance forms (TAAF) Bethany 607-871-2770
Travel expense forms Bethany 607-871-2770
Travel questions per diem & mileage rates Bethany 607-871-2770
Cash advances and repayments Bethany 607-871-2770
Revenue or reimbursement deposits (non-student account) Bethany 607-871-2770
NSF and returned checks Bethany 607-871-2770
Banking transactions: Foreign Wires, ACH transfers Bethany 607-871-2770
Credit card receipt machine training, policies & questions Amanda 607-871-2128
Procurement, Invoices and Payments Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Requisitions General 607-871-2698
Requisitions for an online purchase General 607-871-2698
Requisitions for grant purchases Cori 607-871-2714
Changes to existing purchase orders General 607-871-2698
Payments to Vendors Sheila 607-871-2107
Check requests Sheila 607-871-2107
Vendor check run Sheila 607-871-2107
Student check run Sheila 607-871-2107
Direct deposit for vendors Sheila 607-871-2107
Vendor registration forms Jason 607-871-2771
Complete credit application for a vendor account General 607-871-2698
Payments charged to grant funds Cori 607-871-2714
Moving expense taxability Jason 607-871-2771
Tax-exempt forms Jason 607-871-2771
Jason Warner
One Card Count Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Request for One Card Jason 607-871-2771
One Card statements and receipts Jason 607-871-2771
Store Card Questions
Question Phone Email
Lowes 607-871-2698
Wal-Mart Card 607-871-2698
Wegman's 607-871-2698
Lowes tax-exempt card 607-871-2698
Office Depot tax-exempt card 607-871-2698
Wal-Mart tax-exempt card 607-871-2698
Wegman's tax-exempt card 607-871-2698
Melissa Badeau
Misc. Purchases Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Computers Melissa 607-871-2698
Furniture Melissa 607-871-2698
Gas Cylinders Melissa 607-871-2698
Software Melissa 607-871-2698

Unimarket Navigation & Training

Melissa 607-871-2698
Amanda Azzi
Corrections/Transfers/Interdepartmental Billing Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Budget adjustments Jason 607-871-2771
Transfer requests Jason 607-871-2771
Interdepartmental charges Amanda 607-871-2128
Transaction corrections Amanda 607-871-2128
Payroll corrections Patty 607-871-2962
Grant-based Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Federal grants accounting & reporting Cori 607-871-2714
Grant and contract policies Sean 607-871-2964
Proposals General 607-871-2026 Call Us
Grant funders Sean 607-871-2964
Time and effort reporting General 607-871-2026 Call Us
Non-disclosure agreements Sean 607-871-2964
Contract review Sean 607-871-2964
NYS grants accounting and reporting Sean 607-871-2964
Private grants & contracts accounting & reporting Sean 607-871-2964
Analytical Services accounting Cori 607-871-2714
Faculty research discretionary funds Cori 607-871-2714
Grants - Payroll and Procurement Cori 607-871-2714
Grants and Contracts invoicing Cori 607-871-2714
General grant and contract support General 607-871-2026 Call Us
Banner Finance/SUNY System/Reporting
Using Banner Finance/SUNY System/Reporting Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Student club & organization balances & questions Jason 607-871-2771
Budget development Jodi 607-871-2963
Banner finance budget and fund balance reporting Jodi 607-871-2963
Banner Navigation training Jason 607-871-2771
Banner Finance training and user questions Jason 607-871-2771
Banner finance technical issues and problems Jason 607-871-2771
Banner finance feeds and interfaces Jason 607-871-2771
SUNY system training and user questions General 607-871-2128 Call Us
SUNY system account creation/modification General 607-871-2128 Call Us
Financial manager changes Jason 607-871-2771
Banner FOAP creation/modification Jason 607-871-2771
Fixed Assets/Investments/Taxes
Fixed Assets/Investments/Taxes/Misc Questions
Question Ask For Phone Email
Endowed investments accounting & reporting Jodi 607-871-2963
Planned giving investments and accounting Jodi 607-871-2963
Equipment inventory and disposals Amanda 607-871-2325
Sales taxes Amanda 607-871-2325
Unclaimed funds General 607-871-2128 Call Us
1099MISC, 1099INT, 1099R reporting Jason 607-871-2771
Form990 public information Amanda 607-871-2325
Claystore inventory Jason 607-871-2771
Insurance loss claims and issues Jodi 607-871-2963
Independent Artists/Guest Contracts Evan 607-871-2525