Procedure for Switching to Personal Mobile Phone

Step 1: Purchase your current phone from Alfred University or purchase a new phone from a new carrier

You will have the option to purchase your current Alfred University issued phone or surrender it and purchase a new phone through a carrier of your choosing. We have setup an option to purchase your current phone at or below current market value. When considering whether or not to purchase your current Alfred University phone, please consider if your current Verizon phone will work on other carrier networks. As an example, Verizon phones do not work on AT&T and Straight Talk carrier networks. If you are considering a switch to a network other than Verizon, purchasing your current phone may not be an option for you.

If you have determined that your current phone will work on a new network (or you wish to stay with Verizon) and you would like to purchase the phone, the University will allow you to purchase it at the current buy-back rate on the PaceButler Web site. Please contact Mary Lou Coleman at x2806 to obtain the cost of purchase. Upon transition you will need to bring a check, payable to Alfred University, to Mary Lou Coleman on the ground floor of Herrick Library (sorry, no cash transaction).

If you do not choose to purchase the phone that you currently have it must be returned to the University no later than September 1, 2013. All personal data should be removed from the phone before returning it.

You also have the option to purchase a new phone from a provider of your choosing, see step 2 below.

Step 2: Finding A Service Provider (While Keeping your current phone number)

An individual can choose any provider, although there may only be a few local options that work well in Allegany or Steuben County. The options below are not necessarily an endorsement. It is the individual’s responsibility to research local coverage and also to explore pricing and contracts. The individual should be aware that if they switch providers (change from Verizon) and want to keep their current phone issued by the university, it may not work on the cell network selected. The logistics of switching from our current Verizon enterprise account to another mobile phone provider varies from company to company. However, the process generally involves providing billing information, your current mobile phone number so that it can be transferred to the new carrier, and validating your new or existing phone on the new network. Please contact Mary Lou Coleman when you have made the switch to a new provider.

Service providers and contact information to learn how to switch to a new service provider

  • Verizon (personal account): Alfred University employees can receive a 19% discount through your Alfred University employment. Verizon requires a two-year service contract and has been promoted as having the best coverage nationwide. Moving the phone number and billing from Alfred University billing to your own personal bill requires an “Assumption of Liability Authorization” form. You may email Mary Lou Coleman for this form
  • AT&T is promoting a 20% discount to Alfred University employees. AT&T requires a two-year service contract. Your Verizon phone may not work on the AT&T network. Contact Tim Parke at 607-280-6270.

Straight Talk (Tracfone): No contract required and perhaps the least expensive of all the providers. Your Verizon phone may not work on the Straight Talk network.