Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy (COVID-19)

Items to Consider canceling: Hotel, Rental Car, Airline, Conference/Event Registration Fees

Hotels: Most hotels have cancellation policies 24-72 prior to arrival. Please check the hotel websites for their policies and be sure to cancel immediately.

Rental Cars: Please reach out to your rental car company regarding cancellation policies.

Airlines: It is advised that you wait until closer to your airline departure date to cancel as the refund policies are changing on a daily basis and many airlines allow flight changes up until check-in.

  • Currently, most airlines are issuing vouchers in the name of the traveler.
    • If you receive an airline voucher in your name for flight cancellation, it is not an immediate reimbursable expense.
    • If you receive an airline voucher for flight cancellation and then use that voucher to pay for an AU trip at a later date, it then becomes a reimbursable expense and can be submitted to the Business office for reimbursement on your new Travel Expense Report.

Registration Fees: Most conferences and events are issuing full refunds for conferences and events that are canceled. If your event is not canceled but you choose not at attend, please reach out to your event contact to discuss refund policies. Please communicate this to the Business Office, and we will review it on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Expenses Paid for Using an AU Credit Card where Reimbursement is Issued via Voucher

  • If you have already paid for a travel expense using an AU credit card and that expense cannot be directly refunded to the AU credit card (ie: you purchased a flight on your AU credit card and the airline has issued a voucher in your name instead of a direct refund), please read the following:
    • In most cases, you will have one year from the date of purchase to use the voucher for AU related travel. If the voucher is not used for AU related travel, it will be your responsibility to reimburse the business office. Over the next year, please notify Jason Warner directly when you use your travel voucher as we are diligently tracking all flights purchased on an AU credit card where the trip was not actually taken.

Please send all correspondence received regarding refunds of trip expenses due to cancellation (whether in the form of a direct refund or a voucher) to the business office to assist our staff during this busy time.

Please check back for updates often as the situation continues to evolve.