Email Address for Life

Alfred University provides all graduates an opportunity to sign up for an Email Address for Life so that you may keep your email account, contacts and calendar access indefinitely.

Email Address for Life

Once you have completed the online application and we have received verification, your account will be upgraded from Student licensing to Alumni licensing, or will be deleted depending on the option you select at the end of the form.

The online application process for the Email Address for Life is available for each student whose current status is listed as an official graduate of Alfred University.

After the license of your student email account is updated, Microsoft Online Services will notify you of a password change, designated through the online application process.

If you plan to pursue an additional degree at Alfred University, we ask that you delay signing up for this service until you have completed all your studies. 

Clean Out Your Mailbox

Before you fill out the form for email for life or for account deletion, we recommend that you complete the following steps to back up your data so that nothing is lost.
  1. If you have "Contacts" recorded in your address book, save this information to another location
  2. Save any emails and attachments from your "Inbox", "Sent Items", "Drafts", "Deleted" and other folders to another location
  3. You will need to move your personal documents from your OneDrive, Canvas, and your U: drive to a location that you will manage, such as a local drive, a USB drive or another OneDrive
  4. If you have used Panopto to record any videos for your courses, please download them to your computer or storage device. You will no longer be able to log into Panopto after your account is deactivated.

Sign up for an email address for life

Please email ITS Helpdesk or 607-871-2222 if you have any concerns or need assistance.