Hazardous Waste Central Accumulation Area Weekly Inspections

Rev. EH&S 02/05/2013  ____ AU ____ NYSCC
Building Name:
Room No:
Place a check-mark at the end of the inspection statement to indicate a YES response. Enter N/A if not applicable. Note corrective actions.
Area: ☑ column
floor is free of cracks or gaps and sufficiently impervious to hazardous waste collected  
displays Hazardous Waste Central Accumulation Area sign, a list of Emergency phone numbers  
has stripe or rope separating stored hazardous waste from other materials if other materials are stored in the area  
is maintained and operated to minimize the possibility of fire, explosion or release of hazardous waste  
has immediate access to an operable internal communication system (phone) and/or alarm system  
has a currently inspected portable fire extinguisher present  
has currently inspected spill control materials present  
has a currently inspected emergency shower and eyewash  
has adequate and unobstructed aisle space to allow for movement of personnel and equipment in an emergency  
All containers: ☑ column
are in good condition and not in danger of leaking  
are compatible with type of waste contained  
are closed, except when adding waste  
are handled and stored to prevent leaks  
are marked with the words "Hazardous Waste"  
are properly labeled with:  
'Contents' identified using words  
accumulation Start Date, clear and visible  
SAA building and room location  
initials of SAA personnel  
waste characteristics  
container Full Date, clear and visible  
Central Accumulation receipt date and initials  
are not stored 180 days past their Full date  
Wastes are segregated for compatibility  
Incompatible wastes and materials are not placed in the same container, or in an unwashed container that previously held an incompatible waste or material unless the placement is conducted to prevent the threat to human health or the environment  
Total weight stored is not in excess of 1,000 Kg.(2,204 lb.) or 1 Kg. of acutely hazardous waste per month or 6,000 Kg. or 1Kg. of acutely hazardous waste per 180 days.  
Central Accumulation Area is inspected at least weekly  
Note corrective actions:
Oldest Full Date:
Estimate Total Weight: Volume Converted to lbs ________ + Total Pounds ________ = Total Weight ________ lbs.
Conversions: 8.3 lb./gal. 2.2 lb./L 0.26 gal./L 3.79 L/gal. 2.2 lb./Kg. 0.45 Kg./lb. Total P-listed________ lbs.