Appendix A

Contact Personnel for Prior Approval, Chemical Hygiene

Prior Approval Contact Person
Name Contact person for: Phone Number Email Address
Mike Honeycutt,
Environmental Health & Safety 2190
Jean Cardinale,
Associate Professor
AU Institutional Biosafety 2785
Scott Misture,
Inamori Professor
Radiation Safety Officer 2438
Director Physical Plant AU Physical Plant 2154
Jamie Babcock,
Dir. Physical Plant
NYSCC Maintenance 2460
Marty Kallier,
Sponsored Research 2488
Cheryld Emmons,
Associate Professor
Animal Care and Use 2846
Danielle Gagne,
Associate Professor
Human Subject Research 2213
Giovina Lloyd,
Vice President
Business and Finance 2388
David Toot,
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 2208
Gabrielle Gaustad,
Inamori School of Engineering 2954
Chemical Hygiene Committee
Name Contact person for: Phone Number Email Address
Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Chair Environmental Health & Safety 2196
Chemistry Technician Chemistry 2540