Danger Laser

Class 3b & 4 Special Precautions examples

(insert below in the special precautions section of the sign)

  1. Laser protective eyewear required
  2. Invisible laser radiation
  3. Knock before entering
  4. Door to be locked during laser use
  5. Do not enter when light is on
  6. Restricted access area
  7. Eye and skin PPE required

Laser type/power/wave/duration examples

(insert appropriate text in the Laser specifications section of the sign)

  1. Types: Argon, Helium-Neon(HeNe), Krypton, Excimer (ArF, KrF), Ruby, Sapphire, Neodymium(Nd):YAG, CO2
  2. Power: max. output in Joules or Watts
  3. Wavelength(s) in µm (0.180 -103 µm)
  4. Duration: Continuous Wave (CW), pulsed, Q-switched

class 3b label

class 4 label