Appendix Z Emergency Numbers and Exit Route

Emergency Contact Information

To call for emergency assistance:

  • Using a campus phone dial 911 then X 2108 AU Public Safety
  • Using a cell phone dial 911 then 607-871-2108 AU Public Safety

If assisting chemically contaminated victims, PPE may be necessary.

List of emergency numbers
Emergency Numbers From a Campus Phone Cell Phone
Emergency – Fire/Police/Ambulance 911 911
Alfred University Public Safety 2108 607-871-2108
Environmental Health and Safety, CHO 2190 607-871-2190
Radiation Safety 2190 607-871-2190
NYSCC Maintenance, statutory 2460 607-871-2460
Physical Plant non-statutory 2154 607-871-2154
Crandall Health Center (non-emergency) 2400 607-871-2400
Poison Control Hotline 9-1-800-222-1222 800-222-1222

Laboratory Specific Emergency Numbers

Add additional necessary numbers

Additional numbers
Name Phone

Laboratory specific exit route and designated assembly area:

Alfred University Chemical Safety Data Sheets can be found online