Glove Sizing Chart

Printable instructions on the procedure to measure an individual’s hand for his/her’s proper glove size.

Printable Glove Size chart. Place the index finger of your left hand against the dotted line. The left side of the hand will indicate your size.

To find your glove size

  • Using a ruler, measure the palm side of your hand from your index finger to your small finger.
  • Based on your hand width select your corresponding size as indicated below:
    • 4"–3.5" – Large
    • 3.5"–3" – Medium
    • 3"–2.3" – Small
  • If you prefer a tight fit and border on two sizes you may want to select a glove one size lower than your measured size. (i.e. Width of 3.1" inches –select Small rather than Medium for a tighter fit)

NOTE: You may print out this page and the corresponding chart to help you measure your hand, however, for best results users MUST measure their hand with a ruler. Due to variances in printing and scaling, users should not solely rely on a digital or printed version of this chart to determine their size but should always use a ruler to confirm accuracy.