Hazards vs PPE (minimum PPE requirements)

This page provides students and staff of the University on the proper attire for certain in lab occurrences to be in compliance with safety standards.

Hazard Eyes Face Body/Hands
Any laboratory or general use of chemicals Safety glasses (all times in lab) Normal work/lab attire (no sandals, shorts, etc) with over-garment (smock, lab coat, or overalls), & gloves
Use of corrosive chemicals, strong oxidizing agents, carcinogens, mutagens, etc. Chemical splash goggles Full face shield over goggles (if gallon or more liquid) Resistant gloves (see glove selection guide), resistant apron or over-garment (full protective suit for work with over 5 gal corrosive liquids)
Sharp objects, glass, insertion of tubes into stoppers Safety glasses Heavy cloth barrier or leather gloves
Temperature extremes Safety glasses (goggles if possible splash) Recommend full face shield (large quantity gas/liquid or sparkling) Insulated gloves for ovens, furnaces, cryogenics, & devices over 100C or below -1C, use over-garment for hot/cold liquids & sparkling