Hot Work Permitting Procedure

Short checklist for hot work permitting procedure.

  1. Notify EHS 24-hours in advance of Hot Work to be performed.
  2. Review policy with EHS/PAI.
  3. Complete a Hot Work Permit.
    1. EHS Keeps copy of file.
    2. Contractor/employee keeps original at site of Hot Work.
  4. EHS/PAI will accompany contractor/employee to site for pre-inspection.
  5. EHS/PAI will inspect on SITE during the job each day.
  6. Call EHS/PAI when job is complete.
  7. EHS/PAI will sign off on SITE after Hot Work is complete*
    1. *If Hot Work is to continue the next continuous day, the post-work inspection will also serve as the pre-work inspection for the next continuous day. However, contractor/employee will call EHS prior to the beginning of the job for that day.
      EHS will provide contractor/employee with emergency contact information.
  8. Contractor/Employee will be responsible for posting Warning signs on doors, entrances, hallways ear or those which lead to the area where hot work is to be performed.
  9. Contractor or employee is to provide a Fire Watch. A Fire Watch is someone who has no other responsibilities other than being a Fire Watch and who is trained and ready to operate a fire extinguisher in case of a fire. The Fire Watch will carry an emergency communication device at all times.
  10. Permits are only valid during the authorized period noted on the form. Another permit must be used for new jobs.

EHS (Environmental Health and Safety)
PRI {Permit Authorizing Individual)