Policy and Procedures for Disposal of Used Computer Equipment and Other Used Electronics


This Used Computer Equipment and Other Used Electronics Management Program has been instituted in accordance with Alfred University's Environmental Health and Safety Policy. It shall be reviewed and updated annually by Alfred University Environmental Health and Safety. The waste referred to in this policy applies to Alfred University owned materials only.

Used Computer Equipment and other electronics is managed in accordance with NYSDEC 6 NYCRR 371.1

Trash disposal is not allowed.

Computer monitors, cathode ray tubes, and computer processing units would qualify, upon disposal, as a RCRA characteristic hazardous waste due to the content of lead, silver, mercury, gold, cadmium and other heavy metals used in their manufacturer. Trash disposal of a hazardous waste is not allowed.

Other electronic equipment could also be considered a hazardous waste if it contains lead soldered circuit boards and/or other heavy metals. An evaluation should be done if you suspect a piece of equipment may contain hazardous materials. It is best to call the manufacturer and ask if any hazardous materials are present in the equipment.

The University will provide for periodic removal of electronic equipment to a recycling center.

Notification of a removal will be posted in Alfred Today and My/Our Alfred detailing information for collection and removal of equipment. At least one removal per year is scheduled in the late spring/early summer. Store this equipment in your department until you receive this notification. Electronics and Scrap Metal surveys (see "Forms" on the EHS web site), in advance of the removal, will be requested for the purpose of planning and coordination. Download the Electronics and Scrap Metal Removal Survey Form and Tagged for Electronic Disposal labels available on the EH&S website.

All users/departments are responsible for the permanent removal of confidential material that may be present on CPU's. Call the ITS Help Desk at x2222 if you need assistance.

Please note: University/NYSCC owned computer equipment used in your home falls under this policy; your personally owned equipment does not. Therefore, do not bring your personal home electronics onto campus for recycling.