Preparing New GHS Compliant Labels

Chemical containers must be labeled with the following (food containers are not allowed for storing chemicals)

  1. Remove old label completely by soaking in hot water and scraping off as needed
  2. Replace with new GHS compliant label

If you transfer a chemical into a new unlabeled container, you must label the container with the following information

  1. Applicable pictogram(s)
  2. Product name/identifier
  3. Signal word (Warning or Danger)
  4. Hazard statement(s) (see EHS web site for list of standard statements)
  5. Manufacturer name, address and phone number

A good source of labeling information is the original container label or the SDS. The EH&S website has label templates that you can complete and print when transferring chemical(s) to an unlabeled container. The EHS office (Myers Hall 117) 607-871-2190 also have GHS posters available for labs and work spaces.