Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Weekly Inspection

Weekly Inspection Chart




Place a check-mark in the appropriate box to indicate a YES response to the inspection statement. Enter NA when waste characteristic code is not currently found in the SAA

SAA number legend: Building # codes are based on the EHS Campus Map. Name of building is used for buildings without map #.

Binns Merrill - 19

STEP Lab - 21

Harder Hall - 13

Hall of Glass - 20

Science Center - 15 

McMahon - 11

Myers - 17

National Casting Center - 51

Room Number: is the room number or room name where the SAA is located.

Waste Characteristic Codes:

poison/toxic - 1

halogen solvent - 2

corrosive base - 3

flammable solvent - 4

flammable solid - 5

corrosive solid - 6

oxidizer - 7

corrosive acid - 8

irritant - 9

SAA location numbers are designated by the building #, room #, waste characteristic #. Use blank areas to enter mixture characteristic codes. See legend above.


All containers:


are in good condition and not in danger of leaking


are compatible with type of waste contained


are closed, except for those in use


are handled and stored to prevent leaks


are marked with the words "Hazardous Waste"


Properly labeled with:


'Contents' identified using words


accumulation Start Date, clear and visible






waste characteristics


container Full Date, clear and visible


No full containers stored past 72 hrs. of Full Date. (Remember: full containers are sent to Central Accumulation within 72 hrs. of becoming full.)


Total volume stored is not in excess of 55 gallons or 1 qt. of acutely hazardous waste. (If excess occurs, date and send excess to Central Accumulation within 72 hrs.


SAA is inspected at least weekly


Incompatible wastes and materials are not placed in the same container, or in an unwashed container that previously held an incompatible waste or material unless the placement is conducted to prevent the threat to human health or the environment.


Wastes are segregated for compatibility and stored in secondary containment.