Prevent Slips and Falls

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! The winter season often brings with it ice, snow, bitter cold and high winds. These conditions make it difficult to drive, but also make it very hazardous to walk! Use the following tips to prevent slips and falls in snowy and icy conditions.

Slippery Conditions Infograph
  1. Do not wear high heels or leather-soled shoes on the ice and snow
  2. Bring snow boots or tennis shoes to change into before going outside
  3. If you have ice cleats, keep them in the front seat of the car for easy access, not in the back seat or trunk
  4. Make sure you put your ice cleats on BEFORE you get out of your vehicle
  5. Keep salt or kitty litter in your car to put down on ice or snow
  6. Use handrails whenever possible
  7. Walk on cleared paths
  8. Shuffle your feet when you walk, do not take big steps
  9. Beware of Invisible ice
  10. If you fall, notify your supervisor immediately