Use of Alfred University Motor Pool Vehicles

Alfred University has a fleet of vehicles you can reserve for business travel.

  1. The use of a motor pool vehicle is now required to be the first method of transport when you plan to travel by automobile (*). The motor pool rate charged to your department will be $0.40/ mile.

    (*) - Personal auto reimbursement is an additional expense considering that the University already pays for the insurance and maintenance on its motor pool fleet and the cars are there for you to use. It is especially helpful to use a motor pool vehicle if you are being reimbursed for travel that is funded by a sponsored program or a restricted/discretionary fund.

  2. To request a motor pool vehicle register online when you first become aware of your need to travel. You will receive an email as to whether a vehicle is available for your trip date(s). If a motor pool vehicle is not available, attach the electronic response you receive from the motor pool office to your ‘Travel Advance Request’ form or ‘Travel Expense Report’ form. The use of a rental vehicle or your personal vehicle is then permitted. Please note:
    • The personal reimbursement rate of $0.40/mile will be applied if a motor pool vehicle is requested and none is available, or you do not reasonably have time to secure a motor pool vehicle, or you are pre-approved by your Dean to supervise students and travel frequently to order to fulfill this responsibility. In order to receive the personal reimbursement rate of $0.40/mile, please note these particular circumstances on your Travel Request Form or Expense Report as appropriate.
    • The personal reimbursement rate of $0.20/mile will be applied if your personal vehicle is used (with the exceptions above) when a motor pool vehicle is available, you fail to attach the supporting documentation to your ‘Travel Advance Request’ form or ‘Travel Expense Report’ form, or you choose to take your personal vehicle without requesting a motor pool vehicle.

      These requirements continue to be applied to all travel regardless of whether it is charged to the operating budget fund, a sponsored program fund, or a restricted/discretionary fund.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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