Facility Reservation

Following is a reference list of offices and individuals to contact to reserve our various facilities for programs, meetings and conferences. Please contact the pertinent area to reserve the equipment or facilities required as soon as you are aware of your needs. This should hold to a minimum the possibility of conflicts arising with other scheduled events. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Facility Reservation
To Reserve Contact Phone Number
Ade Hall and other food service areas Dining Service Office 607-871-2247
Alumni Hall Rotunda and Conference Room Admission's Receptionist 607-871-2115
Arthur and Lea Powell Campus Center Maggie Weiss 607-871-2925
Audio-visual equipment ITS Equipment Lending 607-871-2222
Bandstand Maggie Weiss 607-871-2925
Binns-Merrill: Conference Room 155 Faith Piatt 607-871-2413
Brick Lawn Maggie Weiss 607-871-2925
Jordan Conference Room, Jordan Hall Crystal Henshaw

Lisa Sexsmith

Classrooms, including Roon Lecture Hall (during school year and summer) Registrar's Office (during school year and summer)

Reserving Classrooms
F.W. Olin Building, College of Business/ Conference Room Tori Cramp 607-871-2124
The Gothic Chapel Maggie Weiss 607-871-2925
Greene Hall Conference Room 1st floor Human Resources 607-871-2118

Health and Wellness Center Adam DuPree 607-871-2890
Holmes Auditorium in Harder Hall Daniel Clark 607-871-2167
Howell Hall Maggie Weiss 607-871-2925
Herrick Library - Seminar Room (106) Herrick Library 607-871-2184
Herrick Library - Computer Lab (120) Herrick Library 607-871-2184
Herrick Library - Conference Room (202) Herrick Library 607-871-2184
Herrick Library - Children's Room (212) Herrick Library 607-871-2184
Herrick Library - Book End Lounge (Near front desk) Herrick Library 607-871-2184
McLane Center Adam DuPree 607-871-2890
Residence Halls 607-871-2186
Saxon Inn Guest Rooms Kristen Karl 607-871-2600
Saxon Inn Meeting Rooms Kristen Karl 607-871-2600
Scholes Library: Conference Room 607-871-2494
Scholes Library: AV Classroom (Room 221) 607-871-2494
Scholes Library: AV Seminar Room (Room 215) Mechele Romanchock 607-871-2950
Welcome Center Conference Room, 1st Floor Welcome Center Fasano House Maggie Alsworth 607-871-2144