Work Orders

In order to enhance the services that the Physical Plant provides to the campus community, the office has established a work order request system.

This system will provide the campus community with the following benefits:

  • Improve the campus community's ability to communicate a work request to the Physical Plant at other than normal work hours.
  • Reduce the transmission time of work requests, as compared to sending the Physical Plant a letter.
  • Reduce the layers of communication levels that are sometimes required to transmit a work request to the Physical Plant.
  • Provide real-time order status.
Work order request system

It is my hope that the campus community will utilize this system in their transmission of work requirements to the Physical Plant, and in doing so, enhance the ability of the Physical Plant to provide more timely service.

This system is monitored every work day, in the morning and in the afternoon.


Jamie Babcock, Physical Plant