Internal Grants

International Fellowships for Faculty Development

This program, supported by the Pamela and Gene Bernstein Fund for Faculty and Student Development, has been developed through the leadership of the Global Awareness Committee. This committee was established in 1998 on the recommendation of a Faculty Senate Task Force.

Deadline for submission of proposal is December 1st.

For more info, contact Crystal Henshaw

Bernstein Fund for Student and Faculty Development

Thanks to the generosity of Gene and Pamela Bernstein, there is funding for student and faculty travel for academic projects.

The priority order for funding is:

  1. Student travel with a faculty member to present at an academic event;
  2. Student travel to present at an academic event;
  3. Student travel with faculty as part of a course;
  4. Faculty travel to present at an academic event;
  5. Student or faculty travel to attend an academic event;

Requests for funding for use prior to January 19 should be made by September 15; requests for funding for use from January 19- August 27 should be made by February 15th.

Those requesting funds are expected to identify supplemental sources of funding, and those receiving funds are expected to send thanks to the Bernstein’s. Funding is limited to one proposal per year. Please see attached form to use in submitting requests. Please be aware that requests often exceed funding available.

For more info, contact Crystal Henshaw

Faculty Development

Internal faculty development grants are intended to augment other resources of funding for worthwhile projects. Preference is given to first-time projects that include interdisciplinary and/or undergraduate involvement. Previous materials listed below. New grant information will be distributed in January.

For more info, contact Crystal Henshaw