Faculty Development Committee

Faculty development is a university-wide system of varied supports creating an atmosphere in which faculty are encouraged and facilitated in advancing the University mission and strategy. It refers to an infrastructure to help faculty to improve teaching, curricula, research, and to develop professionally.

Vision: The Faculty Development Program supports faculty in their roles as teachers, scholars, and members of the University and the wider community. It is committed to promoting a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and love of learning as well as enhancing a sense of collegiality of faculty as they expand their intellectual, teaching and scholarly horizons.

Alfred University's mission is to provide academically challenging programs in a caring environment. Its aim is to prepare well-educated, independent thinkers, ready for lives of continuous intellectual and personal growth. Alfred is a student-centered, comprehensive university offering a wide range of learning opportunities. It is at once small and complex, private and public, undergraduate and graduate, rural and globally connected. Alfred is committed to both teaching and research. It is devoted to the pursuit of technical expertise, artistic creativity, and humanistic learning. Alfred University is proud of its history of promoting equality and respecting diversity. Its intimate atmosphere fosters a strong sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Campus and Internet Teaching Resources

Information on local and internet teaching resources.

Grant Opportunities

Money available from Internal Grants

AU Teaching Awards

A vote amongst students and faculty is held each year to choose faculty to be recognized for Excellence in Teaching. Awards are presented at Honors Convocation.

Recipients 1977 - 2012