Faculty Senate

It is the intended purpose of the Faculty Senate to establish and maintain a working relationship between the administration and the faculty in an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidence, thereby promoting the welfare of the University. The Faculty Senate may review and discuss all matters within its legitimate concern, and it may initiate recommendations, subject to review by the President and the Board of Trustees.


SoAD (School of Art and Design)

  • Andy Deutsch 2023
  • Sarah Blood 2024 (sabbatical)
  • Xiaowon Chen 2024
  • Mary Mclnnes 2023

SoE (Inamori School of Engineering)

  • Xingwu Wang Senate Vice President 2024
  • S.K. Sundaram 2024
  • Tony Wren

CLAS (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

  • Meredith Field 2025
  • Jeff Sluyter-Beltrao 2025
  • Nick Schlegel 2024
  • Andy Eklund Senate President 2025
  • Emrys Westacott 2025
  • Danielle Gagne (alternate) 2025

COB (Business)

  • Sangjoon Lee 2024
  • Lius Rodriguez (alternate) 2024

SGCS (School of Graduate and Continuing Studies)

  • Kevin Curtin 2023 Senate Secretary 2025
  • Lynn O'Connell (alternate) 2022

Performing Arts

  • D. Chase Angier 2025
  • Maureen Weiss (alternate) 2024


  • Laurie Lounsberry-Meehan 2024
  • Ellen Bahr (alternate) 2024

Representing Untenured Faculty

  • Samantha Dannick Member-at-large 2024

Representing Non-regular Faculty

Ex Officio

  • President Mark Zupan
  • Provost Beth Ann Dobie

*Note: President a two year term, other members of the Senate Executive Committee elected to one year terms.