Graduation Checklist

Congratulations to all our graduates! Commencement is an amazing milestone to share with your family, friends and loved ones.

We know Commencement is a special tradition and we want to commend you on your hard work and accomplishments. Commencement ceremony will be May 17, 2025.

What You Need To Do

  • You should check-in with your advisor in the Fall semester of your senior year.
  • Complete any progress or curriculum sheets required by your school/college.
  • Run a degree audit to see if you met all the requirements to graduate.
    • All must show complete. See your advisor if all areas are not satisfied.
  • You should apply no later than 2 months before expected graduation.
  • If your diploma will be mailed, you should confirm your current mailing address on Bannerweb. Email the registrar to make any updates to your address.
  • Fill out the Application to Graduate on Banner Web.
    • Log into Banner Web by entering the secure area using your student ID and PIN.
    • Choose the Student Services Tab then Student Records.
    • Pick Application to Graduate - then follow the prompts
  • To confirm that your graduation application was received you can check your academic transcript in the Banner Secure Area. The Degree Awarded section will change from "Sought" to "Pending."
  • If you are not graduating but wish to attend the ceremony, you must be sure you meet the requirements to do so. Please review Undergraduate Academic Regulation 202.1.
    • If you do meet the requirements, you will be able to complete the Graduation application as noted above.
    • If you do not, you will not be able to graduate and you must contact the Registrar's Office.

Order your required cap, gown, tassel and hood at the Alfred University Bookstore, Powell Campus Center.  For answers to any questions, please contact Heather Miller.

Last day to order for delivery to the bookstore: TBD

Last day to order for home shipment: TBD

  Click This Link to Order

  • Earned a minor? Display all your hard work.
  • We are now offering minor certificates.
  • Come in to the student service center (Seidlin) to purchase.
  • $50 a certificate includes Alfred University certificate cover.
  • Note: minor certificates will be available for pickup or mailing after commencement.
  • Every effort will be made to pronounce your name correctly, but we need your help.
  • If you think mispronunciation of your name is likely, or even possible, please call 607-871-2073 and leave an audio voice message by stating your name clearly after the beep.

Ticket information, parking, shuttles, lodging and other information can be found on the Commencement Page.  Page to be updated for 2025 in the Fall.

What You Need To Do Before Leaving Campus

  • Your account must have a zero balance in order to receive your diploma. Go to MyAU to check your Cashnet account.
  • You will need to complete Loan Exit Counseling. Notice and information will be provided to you by the Financial Aid Office for the Federal Direct Loans and by the Student Accounts Office for the Alumni Loan Programs. The notice normally comes to you approximately 2 weeks after graduation. My Loan Services
  • Make sure you remove all of your belongings, checkout, and return your key prior to leaving for the semester to a professional residential communities staff member.
  • Clean Your Room/Suite/Apartment: This means defrosting refrigerators, cleaning stoves, and ovens (if you live in the suites or apartments), sweeping and vacuuming the floors, and removing ALL garbage and recyclables and disposing of it in appropriate receptacles. If your room, suite, or apartment is not cleaned at the time of check-out, you will be billed for the cleaning ($30/person). All personal belongings need to be removed from the room. Any personal property left behind will be disposed of.
  • Students are expected to check out with a Residence Life staff member. Staff will be available for check-out by signing up for a check-out time posted within the building beginning the Monday before Finals. Students must be checked out either 24 hours after their last final or by 10:00 a.m. on the day the halls close, whichever comes first.
  • Return Your Credentials: Missing keys will result in you and/or your roommate being charged for a lock change and replacement keys ($80 charge for hall rooms; $100 for suites/apartments). If you are not returning to the University in the fall, you must return your mailbox key to the Powell Mailroom. Residence Life staff are NOT responsible for returning your mail key. a $10 fee may be applied if not properly returned to the mailroom.
  • Questions: Contact Residence Life at 607-871-2186.
  • Return all library materials from Herrick and Scholes (including Interlibrary Loans) by the end of final exams.
  • Verify that your library account is clear and that you will not be billed for any outstanding items. Check your account online by going to the Alfred Libraries website and signing in at the top right corner or by email.
  • Return ITS lending equipment by the first Monday of May to avoid charges.
  • Clean out your email mailbox.
  • To keep your Alfred email address, go to Email For Life.

The Career Development Center staff can help you plan for an effective job search or apply to graduate school, write a resume and cover letter, network with alumni in your field, or any other career-related interests that you might have. Go to our website Career Development Center, call 607-871-2164, or email us for more information.

Login to Handshake with your Alfred University email address and password.

  • Click on Career Center and First Destination Survey to tell us what you plan to do after graduation.
  • Click on Jobs to check out opportunities in your field.
  • Click on Career Center and Appointments to schedule a meeting.

Join the CDC Alumni Group on LinkedIn to stay connected with us. We have been posting lots of information here about companies that are hiring now and how to manage a job search during these difficult times.

What Happens Next: Plans After Graduation