The Saxon Shop

eProcurement at Alfred University

The Saxon Shop was implemented in 2022. This system was put in place to streamline the requisitioning process by providing for electronic approval workflows. The system can be used for almost all of your purchasing needs for your department.

The Benefits of Using The Saxon Shop

  • Easy access to preferred suppliers and University discounts
  • Streamlined purchase through payment process
  • Real-time access to requisition status
  • Direct connection to many supplier web catalogs offering discounts and other benefits

You can find outstanding pricing for many of the items that you purchase through the large number of catalogs available in The Saxon Shop.

Accessing The Saxon Shop

Go to the Saxon Shop Now

Prior to logging into the Saxon Shop for the first time, you must reach out to the Procurement Office to be set up with access. Please email and copy your supervisor requesting access and training information. Once you receive the email with the training video, you will be able to log in and use the system.

Finding Suppliers in The Saxon Shop

The easiest way to look for a supplier is to use the Guided Buying tags at the top of the marketplace. These offer groups of suppliers based on commodities that can be purchased from them. If you are looking for a supplier for an item and are not quite sure what category to look in, you can always call the Procurement Office (x2698) and we can point you in the right direction.

We have many suppliers available through The Saxon Shop, but not everyone. If you need to place an order with a supplier that is not available in the Saxon Shop, you can Request a Supplier right in the platform. Please follow this link for instructions regarding how to request a supplier:

Requesting a Supplier Work Instruction

Alfred University has an Amazon Business Prime account, and they do have a catalog in The Saxon Shop. We do ask that this catalog only be used for items that you cannot purchase through one of our contracted suppliers. Procurement reviews all Amazon requisitions for policy compliance, and we reserve the right to reject any requisitions if the items are available through a contracted vendor. We encourage you to shop through the preferred suppliers listed in the Guided Buying tabs.

Per University policy, you may not use your email address for personal Amazon accounts. If you have your AU email registered on a personal Amazon account, please change that prior to trying to use the Amazon account in The Saxon Shop. You will not be able to access the punch out catalog if your AU email is already associated with another Amazon account.

When you place an order in the Saxon Shop, it is your responsibility to mark that the items are received in the system. The vendor cannot be paid for the items unless the goods receipt step is completed.

Technology is great, and most of the time your orders in The Saxon Shop process through and everything works just fine. However, if there is a problem with your order at any point in the process, please call or email Procurement (x2698, and we will help you sort things out!

If you receive an item that is incorrect or damaged, please reach out to Procurement. They will be able to help you to request a return and refund or replacement. This needs to be done within 30 days of receipt of the items.

The Saxon Shop is great for the majority of orders on campus. However, there are a couple of different situations where you would not be able to place an order in The Saxon Shop.

  • If the vendor only takes payment by credit card:
    • If the order is <$250, work with your divisional Administrative Assistant and they can complete the order on your behalf.
    • If the order is $250 or more, then you will need to submit a pdf requisition form to the Procurement Office with all approvals so that we can complete the order.
  • If the purchase is being made with SUNY funding:
    • SUNY funded purchases must be made in the SUNY Financial Management System (FMS). Please follow SUNY purchasing policy for these purchases.