Self-Study for Middle States Re-Accreditation Committee

These are the steering committee members for the Self-study for Middle States Accreditation.

Middle States Re-Accreditation Committee
Co-Chair Laurie Lounsberry Meehan, University Archivist, University Libraries
Co-Chair Meghen Jones, Associate Professor of Art History, School of Art and Design
Accreditation Liaison Officer BethAnn Dobie, Provost and Chief Operating Officer
Chair, Working Group 1 Fred Beaudry, Professor of Environmental Science, College of Liberal Arts and Science 
Chair, Working Group 2 Meghanne Freivald, Instructional Technology Support, Information Technology Services
Chair, Working Group 3 Colleen Wahl, Assistant Professor of Dance, Division of Performing Arts
Chair, Working Group 4 Steven Tidrow, Inamori Professor of Materials and Science Engineering, School of Engineering
Chair, Working Group 5 Kevin Adams, Associate Librarian, University Libraries
Chair, Working Group 6 Katarina Riesing, Associate Professor of Foundations, School of Art and Design 
Chair, Working Group 7 Liam GloverClinical Coordinator/Instructor, Health & Human Performance/Athletic Training